2014 Food Trends: What Will You Find on Your Plate?

Billy Dec discusses what new foods you might begin seeing in restaurants this year.
3:00 | 01/23/14

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Transcript for 2014 Food Trends: What Will You Find on Your Plate?
Have a tremendous. My friend Billy -- No I've ever done right but he brought food -- love yes. Well he'd he'd he'd -- -- on food. And we're looking at trends into what's happening in the near Tony fourteen it's almost you don't blast is definitely over. Yeah last year is over yet -- that -- let's bring -- yeah. -- That yet again -- you see it says Rendell and I know Gloria I'm Chicago. In the restaurants -- PSS TE a laid back all of these he's saying is analyzing events and things together but really -- invited -- -- My deal I'm obsessive food and beverage for -- and I'm not at the new -- just started we can talk 2014 food and beverage trans -- plus TD. It always changes and what's the agency is when the year ends there's all -- speculation about what's going to be hot next here. And so now we can see what's actually starting to you know kick -- and one of the things I love. Partially because my -- from the Philippine Islands is the fact that everyone's talking about the new -- of 2014. Being Filipino food. It's just an Asian you know cuisine that's been looked over for quite some time -- -- we've been doing it for awhile. I'm evolve these different things they actually do a whole pig while -- are bona stuff that was Monday needs so which is a sausage from the Philippines. Hello hello hello and you know all that last statement that my house with the ugly Christmas sweater and I'm cutting into -- -- -- -- -- Through history it has worked with so many different cultures absorbing things from you know sustained -- China. -- -- -- -- -- -- And so it's just wonderful cuisine that a lot of people haven't experimented with -- all the booties and the writers -- protect you know feel like they're discovering this whole new. Could -- you're just -- again to get. -- -- I did not he's got first time I'm I'm -- I don't mind well I'm an hour ABC oh Chicago right after Natalie say live and someone. Send that in to me and -- like I'm an awareness. I -- so I approached him and sweater how. -- -- -- Turkey on special occasions but in our Filipino culture we definitely have -- stuffed -- like that whenever possible the spicy mustard that has that is like -- really spicy yellow -- itself you know -- that from my uncle -- -- so many different sauces and again because they'll -- from a different cultures you can -- spicy you can go -- -- -- all sorts of different things to choose from and that's what people are loving -- -- to experiment with -- -- himself. The outlook for that there's actually not just in Chicago -- is the the top chefs from around the country popping up all over the place. Experimenting with Filipino food so look for a try. I don't know -- -- Filipino food have you it. I have now I love what Sunday had it from outside -- -- you're -- And fashion right then definitely don't think the good that -- as much in thanking me -- -- -- -- the day -- event at a at all. Anything that's -- Tom things are becoming replaced I would say. You know I wouldn't say out someone just earlier were saying god -- scale out -- and I don't think yeah. I'm still not out -- still here but you're gonna start seeing other things like cauliflower. Not just be -- -- but become the middle of the plate. The actual on trade unions vegetarians are demanding so much more on restaurant towards a -- to be more creative. And especially with the but the second part everything local we've all gone to you know our farmers markets. For vessels now we're doing this is a new place bottle for we're doing new. Things with making our own beer with those -- -- -- harshness and and celery root and -- -- with herbs and spices and and make their own -- with local distillery. -- and that's and a new trend in 201214. Shortened not just your -- local Beers but actually making them. -- out -- and now my home state Michigan is very well known for. The diet in the state that this is -- different and Weiner starting with lying -- and because it's it's great actually work with the local. Farmer in Michigan who's -- supplied us with 500. Pounds of cherries to help. Make a new cherry brandy that were collaborating on so yes that's a new trend in 2014 start making your own liquor and beverages. All of them tonight Hamilton -- -- never -- selling who didn't you can you stay with us just because we have highs. Yeah I love -- I would -- -- this is an okay ending harboring. -- -- -- -- Listen to it looks like so that I got -- -- so many. OK yeah. We -- -- -- contest right now he. I have not ordered held. I have ended up homeless Atlantic behind their backs than just go for a splurge I'll go to you go I literally. Saved the day. It's fun. And bad ones and I would. I don't -- they did with status doesn't -- -- that will. I don't know ignorant limited on its first week trek side you have it got it from -- -- by the way before we get really -- back then and high. Delicious looking yet. Apparently had an after going face first highs -- -- eyes are still big in 2014 ice cream sandwiches are coming on to something really big into the reported. But -- are fantastic --

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{"id":21637507,"title":"2014 Food Trends: What Will You Find on Your Plate?","duration":"3:00","description":"Billy Dec discusses what new foods you might begin seeing in restaurants this year.","url":"/GMA/video/2014-food-trends-billy-dec-popular-food-creations-21637507","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}