Tough Day For Shaun White, USA in Olympics

USA falls behind in the medal count despite some memorable moments.
3:00 | 02/12/14

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Transcript for Tough Day For Shaun White, USA in Olympics
podladtchikov, who trademarked yolo was gold medal flawless. There it is, iouri podladtchikov. Reporter: Short for you only live once, the death-defying trick has two head over heel flips combined with two 360-degree row takes for a total of 1440 degrees of adr adrenally-rushing spinment iPod getting a hug from white who came in fourth. I landed perfect in practice and got to the pipe and didn't work out. Reporter: Many wondering if the warm temperature had a role in his performance. Just hours earlier workers doused it with water and salt scrambling to harden the slushy flat bottom that caused problems for riders all day. Oh. It was a much different story for the women of team usa. Devin Logan with a soaring performance in ski slopestyle capturing silver. It's nerve-racking. I was biting my nails. Reporter: And in women's singles luge Erin Hamlin sliding home with the bronze and making history as the first American ever to medal in the event. More history made with the introduction of women's ski jumping. American favorite Sarah Hendrickson becoming the first female olympian to compete in the event. Finally a stunning pairs performance. The Russians once again bringing down the house. Earning the highest score ever recorded by a pair in the short program. Now let's get to the very latest news and the American pairs team of Marissa Castelli and Simon shnapir for their incredible size differential. He is 6'4". She is just 5'0". They had a big triple twist and throw triple salchow but it was only good enough for ninth place. The other U.S. Team came in 15th. We will find out who grabs the gold today in the pairs freeskate. Coming up this morning, the U.S. Women's hockey team taking on the ice -- takes the ice versus its arch rival Canada. In Vancouver the Americans lost a hard fought fight, a gold medal game was at stake to Canada. Today the women are looking for payback in a match that could be a preview of this year's gold medal game. Team member Amanda Kessel tweeted this picture with the caption "Game day versus Canada here, we go, usa." And, robin, analysts are already comparing this matchup to the Stanley cup for women's hockey, so we will be anticipating the outcome of this one. I have googsbumps. That's how excited I am about that coming up, the rematch. All right, Amy, thank you so much. Let's gotten update and stroll over to the sochi scoreboard. Let's go. You know, we were talking about Shaun white who failed to medal which is why the U.S. Sits where it still does here on the medal board. Shaun white actually had basically stolen that yolo trick from iPod. He was nailing it better than iPod was at least until it mattered pose so take a look here, Norway standing atop 11 overall still early on, Canada right there at 9, the Dutch in at 8 and you see the U.S. And Russians tied at 7 apiece. Still, though, we are looking at the folks in the desert. They still think the U.S. Is an even money favorite to finish at the top of this list. We also want to show you Gus Kenworthy tweeting "Oh, my glob. Look who I just found," #sochistrays and followed it up with that, puppy love is real to puppies. And, of course, George, this is all about, you know, we've seen a lot, a lot of controversy about the treatment of stray dogs in sochi. Leading up to the games. We do want to tell you if you do want to adopt a stray from sochi log on Lara, you have enough dogs at home. I just want to point out. So does he. What was that website?

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"USA falls behind in the medal count despite some memorable moments.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22476523","title":"Tough Day For Shaun White, USA in Olympics","url":"/GMA/video/2014-sochi-olympics-tough-day-shaun-white-usa-22476523"}