'22 Jump Street' Stars Have a Need for Speed

Rachel Smith catches up with Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill at NASCAR's Sprint Cup Series.
2:25 | 06/13/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for '22 Jump Street' Stars Have a Need for Speed
Reporter: They crack the jokes and the case, as they hit high school in "21 jump street." Put 'em down. Put 'em down. Reporter: And this Friday, Jonah hill and Channing Tatum are gearing up for college, to take down the bad guys in their highly-anticipated sequel, "22 jump street." You never know. Reporter: Before they race into theaters, the guys like a pit stop at the pocono international raceway. Gentlemen, start your engines. Reporter: As grand marshals at the NASCAR sprint cup series. Let's see if these guys have what it takes to handle the action on a real racetrack. With the help of defending champ, Jimmie Johnson, we suit up. Want to make you real members. Thank you so much. Reporter: It is the queen of speed, Danica Patrick, who gets the two well acquainted with the sport. How fast are we going right now? Right now? 112. Yes. I'm pretty sure you're hanging on to your seat belt for dear life. You're like this. Yeah. I was -- I was going to be like -- First of all, did not realize there were cameras in the car. I do not like driving. Reporter: Next, we have the comedic cops faceoff, in a friendly round of interrogation. Who is the better driver? Really? I would have said you since you're a scaredy-cat. Scaredy-cat? We're throwing words around. Reporter: Who would be the frat boy? Really. I would say both. Reporter: Who would be the cleaner roommate? Cleaner? You got it. Reporter: Yeah. You're messy? Yeah. Come on. Messy pants. Reporter: Not mess Ya pants. He has to change pants three times a day. I had to change pants after that drive around the track. Reporter: I'm pretty sure you probably did. For "Good morning America," Rachel smith, ABC news, long pine, Pennsylvania.

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{"id":24122540,"title":"'22 Jump Street' Stars Have a Need for Speed","duration":"2:25","description":"Rachel Smith catches up with Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill at NASCAR's Sprint Cup Series.","url":"/GMA/video/22-jump-street-channing-tatum-jonah-hill-nascars-24122540","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}