How Long Does 24-Hour Makeup Really Last?

"GMA" sees how real women look after wearing 24-hour makeup overnight.
3:00 | 05/02/13

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Transcript for How Long Does 24-Hour Makeup Really Last?
Lawsuit launched against 24-hour makeup putting the focus on cosmetic lines assay you can sleep in them and look fresh-faced in the morning. The question is, why would you want to sleep in your makeup? But we'll get to that in a moment. Our intrepid abc's claire shipman tried out some of the makeup and she slept in it That is her putting it on. How long did the makeup last and how did she look in the morning? Here's claire with the report. ♪ Reporter: Who hasn't dreamed of waking up looking as flawless as the night before? Makeup unsmudged, unfaded, still in place. Like krist wiig in "bridesmaids" making a mad dash for a morning makeover before magically awakening looking impeccable. You look beautiful. Oh, no, I'm s I look terrible. I just woke up. Reporter: Now makeup products sell the idea of dream-like results implying they last 24 hours. Want lip color that lasts through nour nonstop 24-hour day. Reporter: Even mascara taking you from morning to morning. But now one woman says that lancome's 24-hour foundation, teint idole ultra didn'ttand the test of time taking them to court and said it faded significantly when she wore it for a 24-hour period but beauty experts we spoke to said they're made to last and really do. They definitely work. There's going to be such a demand for these types of products that products that are maybe not 24/7 formulas maybe won't cut it necessarily. Reporter: We decided to conduct our own very unscientific experiment to see for ourselves if lancome's foundation, the one in the lawsuit, holes up overnight. I think that's good. I think I am fully made up for bed. We'll see in the morning. Good night. In the morning -- hi, ready for makeup. You look nice. Well, actually, I have -- i put on a 24-hour foundation last night and I slept in it. Your skin looks great. Doesn't it? Let's touch up your eyes a little bit. Not one bit bled on to the pillow. I thought it would be completely brown with makeup. It looks good. Good to go. ♪ I think we have all at one point or another accidentally fallen asleep in our makeup. What you're wearing right now is what you put on last night. Some extra blush, but foundation, the same. Wow. This was startling to me, ladies. I am not kidding. That is the grossest thing about falling asleep in your makeup. In your unscientific trial. My unscientific trial. You say it works. Why do you want to sleep in your makeup all night? I don't think it's good for your skin and I seem to remember this is the trend, long-lasting makeup but nobody is promising that it's going to last 24 hours. Sleeping as an example of how long it could go, you know. It's not necessarily -- in an emergency. You got to wash your face. I want to get this off. Let's go shopping. Let's hang out.

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{"id":19090760,"title":"How Long Does 24-Hour Makeup Really Last?","duration":"3:00","description":"\"GMA\" sees how real women look after wearing 24-hour makeup overnight.","url":"/GMA/video/24-hour-makeup-long-cosmetic-19090760","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}