#America Favorite Foods: Robin Robert's Po'Boy Sandwich

Robin Roberts reveals where to get her hometown meal of choice in Christian Pass, Miss.
2:56 | 07/08/13

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Transcript for #America Favorite Foods: Robin Robert's Po'Boy Sandwich
favorite foods and starting off with my hometown favorite. That's why we'll do this. My hometown. We call it the pass. One of my favorite foods. Take a look. ♪ I come to pirate's cove because I love this po' boy. We drove 1200 miles for the po' boy at pirates cove. Our most famous customer is robin roberts. You know what my favorite is? This is like winning the lottery. It's a can't miss stop any time I'm visiting my hometown. I'm donna and I own pirates cove, home of the best po' boy. Reporter: Serving up the most delicious shrimp po' boy with a root beer, of course. Put the shrimp and our flour and cornmeal batter a drop them into pure canola oil to fry them. We'll take the shrimp and make lines. Off to the toaster. Okay, robin. Here's your shrimp po' boy. Come home and get it. I will be home in a couple of weeks and here it is, the reveal. Oh, my goodness. Okay. First of all, called pirates cove because our mascot, the pirate, so pirates cove. This wonderful family has been there for 30 years. First of all it was on the beach but hurricane katrina changed it and moved the beach. You just dig in and they gave us -- no, no. I have to say, by the way, you're welcome. So when I first moved down that way I was like 8 years old, i didn't like seafood. They have also have the most delicious roast beef po' boy you've ever eaten. Have a bib on. Did you take a bite? Yes, I already have. They are amazing. And no matter where you're driving throughout the coastline there's all these places that you can stop and pick up a po' boy. These are unbelievable. I love the pickles in them. Love them, love them. I can't wait for yours and everyone else's. Hands off. Hands off. Paula already picked all the shrimp out of mine. I'm picking this one. Actual sauce on there too. If you have something you love about your town, send it to us. Let us know what it is and we're going to share some of ours. George, yours is coming up this week. Yeah. Do we know what it is yet? I got that. Thanks, guys. You're going to make me tell. I just want you to be clean. Let's get to the boards.

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{"id":19605117,"title":"#America Favorite Foods: Robin Robert's Po'Boy Sandwich","duration":"2:56","description":"Robin Roberts reveals where to get her hometown meal of choice in Christian Pass, Miss.","url":"/GMA/video/35america-favorite-foods-robin-roberts-poboy-sandwich-19605117","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}