4th-Grader Sues Classmate for Bullying

Chicago-area parents sue a student for allegedly causing permanent and serious injuries to their son.
2:27 | 06/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 4th-Grader Sues Classmate for Bullying
Such an interesting advance. A new approach for fighting bullying. A fourth grader and his family are suing a classmate and his parents for bullying. ABC's Mara schiavocampo has the story. Reporter: A case of alleged school yard bullying that has become a case in court. This morning a fourth grader at a Chicago area elementary school suing a fellow student. Parents Matthew and deveri del core filing the suit, identifying the student as C.A. Bullied their son for the entire school year. Quite an incident for us to go through this in our house and have our son waking up at night screaming about not wanting to go to school and crying and, you know, feeling that he wasn't safe at school. Reporter: The lawsuit which also names the accused student's parents, the school district and the principal says C.A. Bullied him on a weekly basis, hitting, pumping, choking, elbowing, kicking, pushing, spitting, threatening to kill him and tripping hill on the stairs. Very traumatic situation for my client, it's a traumatic situation for his parents. Reporter: The del cores said they filed several police attacks and say administrators did nothing to stop them. At first we were pretty confident the school would address it but after a while it became frustrating knowing nothing was done. Reporter: In a statement the school district says "We value the safety and security of each and every one of our students and staff members and take bullying prevention very seriously." A serious issue now moving from the classroom to the courts. In a new development the alleged victim's mother says she was fire the from her job as a cafeteria worker at the school because of this suit. The family says they will continue to fight that in court, as well. Now, in the bullying case they're seeking damages of at least $50,000. We did reach out to the accused student's family for comment but did not hear back. Very unusual case here. It does seem like the family went to the lawsuit as a last resort. They tried a lot and documented everything. Went to the police so they established a pattern of complaints and, unfortunately, they said their child continued to be beat up. Mara, thanks very much. Every school district has a different policy in dealing with it. They handle it individually so the parents couldn't get the resources they need.

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{"id":24207428,"title":"4th-Grader Sues Classmate for Bullying","duration":"2:27","description":"Chicago-area parents sue a student for allegedly causing permanent and serious injuries to their son. ","url":"/GMA/video/4th-grader-sues-classmate-bullying-24207428","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}