Fourth of July Celebrations Under Tighter Security

American holiday parties and crowds meet with heightened security and restrictions.
2:07 | 07/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fourth of July Celebrations Under Tighter Security
Now, to the big fourth of july celebrations, as people mark the holiday across the country today. But all those crowds mean something else, tightened security. Abc's rob nelson is in bost within the story. Good morning, rob. Reporter: Good morning, dan. This july 4th is actually the first major u.S. Holiday since the boston bombings back in april, which means today will see not only the best of american pride, but also the best of american security. From concert rehearsals in the nation's capital. ♪ Sweet caroline ♪ Reporter: To fireworks show preparations in the nevada desert. The country today is getting ready to throw its annual red, white and blue birthday bash. But it's a celebration mixed with caution from coast-to-coast. The significant dates are a concern to us. Reporter: Just 2 1/2 months after the marathon bombings, no other city is as on-guard this year as boston, where law enforcement has significantly beefed up security and put new restrictions in place for the city's waterfront activities. The accused bombers had initially planned to carry out their plot on this very day. We're doing everything humanly possible to make sure it doesn't happen again. Reporter: More police presence, higher visibility, and increased video surveillance. Some of the enhancements, the public will see. And some of them, you won't see. Reporter: Federal officials say there's been no specific threat of an attack today. But officials from los angeles to florida, to indianapolis, are leaving nothing to chance. Over 1,300 law enforcement personnel took over downtown los angeles in a major high-visibility drill in advance of the national holiday. Philadelphia increased its security around the liberty bell and independence hall. And in new york city, more manpower on the streets, while visitors to the statue of liberty, which reopens today, will be screened before boarding ferries. I feel safe because what is there to think about? Are you going to be afraid living your life? I have more chance of getting hit crossing the street. Reporter: Bostonians are getting used to new restrictions. But the advice is the same, if you see something, say something.

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{"id":19576871,"title":"Fourth of July Celebrations Under Tighter Security","duration":"2:07","description":"American holiday parties and crowds meet with heightened security and restrictions. ","url":"/GMA/video/4th-july-celebrations-tight-security-police-presence-america-19576871","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}