8th Grader With Pellet Gun Shot, Killed by Officer

Texas officials say Jaime Gonzalez's pellet gun looked real, was aimed at cops.
2:23 | 01/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 8th Grader With Pellet Gun Shot, Killed by Officer
To a controversial police shooting at a Texas middle school an officer shot and killed an eighth greater arm with a pellet gun but authorities say look like the real thing. But the boy's family says it didn't have to and that way ABC's -- Owens joins us from Dallas with much more on this good morning right. Good morning to you Robin you know these pellet guns are made to look like the real deal and they do so these sort of mix ups. Have happened before but this really is different. A fifteen year old a standoff with a fifteen year old at school as other students how -- in their classrooms. And police arrived at this browns -- Texas middle school. They -- fifteen year old high -- Gonzales seen here in a FaceBook tribute page standing in the hallway near the front offense. A gun in his hands. Don't think I'll bite them in order -- -- and -- like should -- They regret the personal office reviewed the -- from Bergdorf. Authorities put the school in locked down and tried to get the eighth grader to drop the weapon. Instead officers say the teen pointed it at them forcing them to make a split second decision. Mountains and think about not fire. Yeah. Gonzales was hit twice once in the head imminent. Threat of death to the officers or others is a threshold. In whether to use deadly force police later discovered that pistol fired pellets not bullets. Cops say it looked identical to the real thing and they insist they acted appropriate. We commend. The actions taken by all those involved fortunately nobody else was hurt in this incidence and that's what we're grateful for. But many here including the young man's parents say officers acted too quickly bill. Reacted. I mean I understand it looked like a gun but I mean that -- -- times and that's a necessary -- -- -- child might have. That. I don't have -- School will be back in session down in browns build this morning. But classes will be held in a different building that middle school Robin. Is still considered a crime scene. That is all right. Brian thank you so -- down there.

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{"id":15295142,"title":"8th Grader With Pellet Gun Shot, Killed by Officer","duration":"2:23","description":"Texas officials say Jaime Gonzalez's pellet gun looked real, was aimed at cops.","url":"/GMA/video/8th-grader-pellet-gun-shot-killed-officer-15295142","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}