9-Year-Old Stowaway's Dad: 'Please Help Me'

Father, who wants to remain anonymous, says he was unable to get help in dealing with his son.
4:39 | 10/09/13

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Transcript for 9-Year-Old Stowaway's Dad: 'Please Help Me'
I have a statement from the mother. And she you know she just is a long lost son. On this milestone will -- some home. I feel that before pushing me from what my son has as did. And she realizes that he's done some things. -- have been wrong. What she doesn't want to see her. And she's been asking for help with -- soon. And no one was willing to help. She has talked to have been county. Greyhound offers. To help her with some services. And programs just talk to. You become so social services today in the offer to give some help to defend. At this time she would like the press and all the news people. To just let her work on getting her son home but this time. And she's just all mothers working -- So far this -- of -- came -- to provide for the family and there just was too. We'll be anonymous. -- simply because they're just normal people are working people. But so far this year. He's just a lot to be anonymously who he is just simply because he doesn't want. His face out there. Doesn't want do what you didn't want to come and answer some questions. Because he feels -- father he needs to be present. So. Thank you for honoring his wishes to be anonymous we appreciate that. So he will answer any questions you have it. Lastly it's when he boarded planes now in and might be. -- Years. We didn't know he'd get -- okay. And do. -- My fiance. Called folders. -- -- -- due to reported did. Event is meant. And it came very good he was in Las Vegas. Hope you for a -- -- Services you keep these -- Certainly. Since they they had reached -- This is offering because. This is talking going -- -- and they had reached out for help with a few organizations. What they were -- -- He would do no wrong yet and he's just today here -- -- -- -- -- taking more action has to do something a little more serious. I think this happens to. We won't say they city was a minor. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's. It -- -- read to me actually all. -- -- Can you schools bear with me -- asked -- what his book to Alston told me -- -- -- you're curious. -- -- -- -- -- -- As we -- what can I do have an accident -- groups there's no one's Hilton. I don't know what Chicago does would you. If our will must. Active productive if that must people doing what he's doing I'd get -- so. Some very pleased -- three. So clues as emotional he's. Getting help and Friday hopefully some of the home and we. Admit -- -- which remembers him as a father. Children should help support. Not only in partnership and choose and -- to finish but also noticed. Open. Possibly mentions him. Some. We're we're marching group -- -- Thank you very much room complete prose comes from people alone some and the main news story can. Him keep his own identity and can continue to go back to work and everybody. The rest of.

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{"id":20519103,"title":"9-Year-Old Stowaway's Dad: 'Please Help Me'","duration":"4:39","description":"Father, who wants to remain anonymous, says he was unable to get help in dealing with his son.","url":"/GMA/video/9-year-old-stowaways-dad-please-help-20519103","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}