'90210' Star Leaves Sun for Windy City in 'Boss'

Kathleen Robertson chats about her new show with Kelsey Grammer on Starz.
3:00 | 08/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for '90210' Star Leaves Sun for Windy City in 'Boss'
You're going to -- I got this out of the way. Last time I'll ever say it. But you'll remember her from "90210." However she's traded in the city of angels for the city she's in. Hit show. One of the phenomenal shows on tv. Please welcome kathleen robertson! Hi. ah. All right. Season two of the "boss" which i literally jammed into my veins on demand when I got into it. Premieres tonight. What's in store for your character? Well, it's going to be an interesting season for her. At the end of season one, she's left without a job. She's pregnant with a married man's baby. And, so season two is kind of her figuring out who she is, and if she even wants to be in po. And it's complicated. To say the least. Kelsey grammer does such a terrific job on this show. How is it to work with him, such a legend? Yeah. It's amazing, you know. And it was his first time doing a dramatic role. I remember first day on sight, we were all kind of waiting to see the first take. It's -- like what's it going to be like. De this incredible monologue, and we all went -- I said he's going to win a golden globe, and he did. He's terrifying. And he owns it. Take a look. I wanted to say this. again, it's a moody show. I mean, you really affect -- i mean, is it all, you know, high jinx and action? What's the shooting like? On a show like this? Kelsey is a producer as well. He sets the tone. If you've ever met him. He's one of those guys win five minutes of meeting him you like him. It's fun. We have fun then get serious. It's always good to say that about your boss. You're in. It's time to play a game. Ready, guys? Let's do it. Ready, guys? "Two truths & a lie." Kathleen will tell us two truths and a lie. So we don't know. Take it away, the floor is yours. Okay. I'm from canada. And I have my mother fedex me can new year's day can chocolate, because I miss it so much. One of my neighbors is doris roberts, who was ray romano's mom on "everybody loves raymond." Oh, you like that one. And, three, I don't have any cats or doings, but I do have a pet. A cute little boa constrictor named harry. Come on. Here we go. Class, if you think the canadian chocolate is the lie. Doris roberts is her neighbor. That's a lie. The audience does not think you have a boa constrictor. Mine is boa constrictor, right? Lara, you're going to go there to too? I think I'm going with doris roberts the neighbor. That's what I think I'm going to do. Kathleen, the answer is -- the lie is the boa constrictor. I knew! Here's the thing -- whatever. All right. You're all so smart. Okay. I thought it could have been a little reverse psychology here. It's so outlandish, but it could be true. Then, I wasn't sure. Everybody, "boss" premieres tonight.

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{"id":17029983,"title":"'90210' Star Leaves Sun for Windy City in 'Boss'","duration":"3:00","description":"Kathleen Robertson chats about her new show with Kelsey Grammer on Starz.","url":"/GMA/video/90210-star-leaves-sun-windy-city-boss-17029983","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}