Patriots Owners Reach Settlement in Underage Drinking Suit

Debra Davis was killed in a drunken driving accident after tailgating at Gillette Stadium.
4:13 | 11/05/13

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Transcript for Patriots Owners Reach Settlement in Underage Drinking Suit
begin, with a major settlement in the league battle of a deadly car crash that took the lives of two girls who had been tailgating outside of the stadium in boston. Abc's linsey davis is here with the story. Good morning, linsey. Reporter: Good morning, george. There were a lot of differing opinions about whether a suit like this should even be heard by a jury. But the attorney for one family argued gillette stadium and the owner of the patriots are just as responsible for what happened to their daughter as if they had sold her the alcohol directly. A grieving family, taking the companies that oversee parking and security at new england's gillette stadium to court, for not regulating underaged drinking at a tailgating party on their premises. But on monday -- the matter has been resolved, your honor. Reporter: Robert kraft and the family of deborah davis reached a settlement. Davis was killed in a drunk driving crash. Her friend, alexa meteo, was behind the wheel and also killed. We're happy it's come to a close. Reporter: Mary ann davis has fought have to her day in court. All along, she maintained that the kraft group and gillette stadium should be held accountable for the death of her daughter. Deborah was a good, young lady. She made a bad choice. Reporter: Their friend also riding in the vehicle was the only survivor of the crash. We were drinking and partying all day. Reporter: The underaged girls, seen here in this video, had spent several hours drinking alcohol they brought to a tailgate party outside of gillette stadium. They paid admission to park at the stadium but did not attend the country music fest event inside. Under the terms of the agreement, the family will get an undisclosed financial settlement. Their goal is that safety measures will be put in place in future musical festivals. Don't want to see another parent go through the hurt and suffering that my wife and i have. Reporter: No word on an amount or the measures that the family finally settled on. Lawyers for kraft would not comment at all about the settlement. Dan abrams, our chief legal affairs anchor. Such a tough case. But the patriots did not serve the liquor. The accident didn't happen on-site. And they didn't have tickets to the festival. That's right. This was a tough case. The reason they ended up settling was because the judge let this go to trial at all. There's no questions that the kraft family was hoping the judge was going to throw it out. The minute the judge let it go to trial, the argument there was, they knew there was drinking going on in the parking lots. There was no oversight, no supervision, et cetera. But the minute that judge rules, I'm going to let it go to trial, you're risking sympathy on the part of the jurors. The jurors are going to feel bad and feel horrible about the tragedy that occurred and say, somebody ought to pay for that. That's the concern. That's the reason for a settlement. But I'll tell you, this was not a strong legal case. What is the law here? Look, it depends on how you view it. There's a case in massachusetts where a family had a home. They weren't home at the time. Kids and others had a party at their home. They didn't know about it. The question is, should they be liable? The highest court in massachusetts ruled they should not. But there's no question, if you're serving, for example, alcohol at your home or at a place, or at a stadium, you can be responsible for what happens afterwards. What makes this case different is, they weren't serving. This was a parking lot. These kids brought their own booze. So, it was a long shot case that I think the judge probably should have thrown out from the beginning. But the minute it went to a jury, the kraft family was in a tough spot. Did this set a precedent? The settlement. But if the case gone to trial, it could have. Now to the dramatic rescue

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{"duration":"4:13","description":"Debra Davis was killed in a drunken driving accident after tailgating at Gillette Stadium.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20786800","title":"Patriots Owners Reach Settlement in Underage Drinking Suit","url":"/GMA/video/gillette-stadium-tailgating-death-patriots-owners-reach-settlement-20786800"}