Mario Batali's Thanksgiving Sides

Chef, author of "Simple Family Meals," prepares various options for Thanksgiving
3:55 | 11/18/11

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Transcript for Mario Batali's Thanksgiving Sides
Master chef Mario -- -- got some great ideas to -- something. From your new book here -- wheel -- simple man. That's -- A couple of days that's -- -- -- and -- -- they're writing a bimonthly column every other week yeah. About whatever it is -- -- -- and ask him about nutritionists -- about families -- got how to eat well and how to keep -- and it's good to be its international distribution YouTube you'll feel the -- and that is gravy wet what we have today I think they were making -- -- this is one his club roast of Bob good. With -- -- deadly volcano which sounds a lot more complicated and as. So you do if you make -- -- -- now with flour and butter eggs and milk. And then throw -- -- Nutmeg. Didn't throw in some grated cheese if you couldn't decide -- -- Once it is one of my favorites in the middle of the elderly -- well and has a delicious complex flavor. And we had a little bit of -- Reno or -- -- And then a little bit. Which -- -- really works well with season do but also with the pumpkin and the cookies ice really work well. So once you've got that I don't hold well you just can't -- it on the heat and -- Indiana keeps during atmospheric and then we -- to do it right here right into the place. They like to work on the base like that and that is -- right hip -- that. He. -- -- -- like gangbusters but I know I knew they'd love it and then we do is your rose this just like cutting. Hughes Brothers in Yemen just Peggy bacon potato that's -- excellent -- just like that very favorite tonight. They've got sweet and savory who have probably -- -- -- -- that got me. I have turn -- -- a lot of people are very excited about what -- do as I enrollment at. Within all of pesto to -- Green olives take some time it takes an extra virgin olive. And a clove of garlic. -- -- on the food processor. -- so. And tell it. You're right there's not a regular being looked -- But -- anything like that when it creates this crazy cool flavorful. Textured Iraq. And so what you do is still pretty. And I think you boiled. Potatoes are any -- some -- -- people find that they're not listed unlike the data -- and east -- and like that on that and then just -- around. Had a little bit it chopped parsley. A little bit on larger. If you didn't feel that you wanted to make the -- has of course you can -- -- -- store. In jars to slight rise and he -- his starter and is capable parent doesn't keep the kind of -- -- they're ready to service and then when you -- survey -- distinctive lateral lake. Sprinkle a little whatever brand new but I was asking you before my outside. -- most of it is Brussels great easy the key to understanding -- -- you don't have deployment. -- -- -- At a Manhattan and take some -- however -- or even just really -- -- -- -- around the pan and bake them for thirty and forty minutes until they're crispy on the they don't get that -- tennis junkie and living -- -- -- that notable only in helping solve it would have been put him out there any -- and made it easy for me and thank you very much. The heart doesn't -- -- with the Green all of -- -- kind of a new -- table I just -- and I just didn't turn up my own accord and I enjoyed -- didn't like yours you're -- it didn't -- Jones soda.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"Chef, author of \"Simple Family Meals,\" prepares various options for Thanksgiving","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14982087","title":"Mario Batali's Thanksgiving Sides","url":"/GMA/video/Mario-Batali-Thanksgiving-sides-Simple-Family-meals-14982087"}