ABC Anchor Gets Shock After Body Scan

Bill Weir learns of a potentially severe complication after new medical test.
3:09 | 01/18/12

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Transcript for ABC Anchor Gets Shock After Body Scan
You get right to our latest report on the end of illness all week long ABC news reporting from the frontiers of medicine taking a close look. But -- breakthrough technology can protect and enhance your health. The series based on a new book is getting all kinds of buzz in the medical community it is called the end of -- by doctor David -- -- And Nightline anchor Bill -- got a shock when he visited doctor a gets a few simple task transformed his life. They'll have a seat. The moment of truth as -- that is part of you. So you know it's funny yeah I actually thought this is gonna be just another assignment. Until right about here you know the unfortunate truth is you do have some more disease -- who first thought. Flash to an image of my kids standing on the same mound where I spread my dad's -- Second thoughts. -- -- service. See for my first four decades security secret -- hunch. That I was bulletproof. Sure I exercise but I can't remember my last check up on an -- doctor. I like salad. -- food pyramid is mostly built with racks of ribs and six packs then there's the result. Highlighted in red. When we locked in that one of your most important arteries in the heart Colby Kelly -- the big. -- going into the heart. There is one lesion in there where there's cost vacation these lesions insignificant arteries in the heart -- heart attacks in the near term. So we all hear read the Paper about the 45 year old who went jogging in died of a heart attack. These are the things we worry about especially early individuals so this is my fondness for -- coming back on May what is the why is -- cal supplies heat in general I would say. First of all he most -- -- your genetics you can blame your parents. He's that you inherited predisposition to -- carotid disease. For a second I hope -- yours may -- he's wrong. -- -- I kidding this is doctor David and yes. Frustrations of range from Steve Jobs to Lance Armstrong to Ted Kennedy and his new best -- the end of illness. Vegas as we may never cure cancer or worst seasons. But maybe. With targeted testing in common sense. Could eventually prevent them all together didn't it can't happen until American bone heads like this. -- fully understand how they are killing themselves. I fully understanding themselves. Doctor Vegas tested my DNA looking for markers -- forty different diseases had me getting -- -- trackers to measure how much -- move and how well I sleep. He did a bunch of blood work and -- sent me through the latest CT scanner to take pictures and every nook and cranny. And here's the crazy -- arrested may help isn't -- -- This is your liver you live look absolutely perfect relay. I'm a bit surprised -- kids ran well I'm not -- little worried by your surprise but. From those guns and we like -- heroes are like president ma am -- the -- -- previous it's like in the keys I think yeah.

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{"id":15385540,"title":"ABC Anchor Gets Shock After Body Scan","duration":"3:09","description":"Bill Weir learns of a potentially severe complication after new medical test.","url":"/GMA/video/abc-anchor-shock-body-scan-15385540","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}