Vanessa Lachey Joins ABC's 'Wipeout'

New co-host, Vanessa Lachey, joins "GMA" to discuss the upcoming season.
2:31 | 01/05/12

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Transcript for Vanessa Lachey Joins ABC's 'Wipeout'
I did survive that obstacle course on ABC's wipe out some mop off footage that's for another day. Yeah. This season that there are new -- -- obstacles on the course there's also an co -- and she is in the middle of the action live in the contestants as they make their way out of that painful thing. Is for NASA -- she won't -- how does that sound it it's. It's still new to me -- blanket -- -- But NASA less -- I think my husband like similar to the morning say it and -- brownie points again that's understandable and you didn't tell us it. It's no fun -- me I was a fan of the show before I got to be part of the show. And now that AM a part of the show the fact that they get to be in. The -- of -- -- it's just it's so much bigger you know they say the camera adds ten pounds. -- the camera and the -- Fifteen stories and everything is huge. Everyone is so over the top it's so fine you can't help but -- anyone from a five -- to an 85 year old loves the show. So I just have to be part of that you know camera also had like five welts and bruises -- can be that is what I want take a look we have a clip. -- love you coaxing one person through the course I'm. Okay. The viewer to be -- -- sell -- on Jason. The best lots of -- lots of colorful people out there. Attitude big hair big nails plus -- plus oil plus it wanted to -- lots laundry -- of fist pumping not elected. All right all right rubble -- -- -- -- OK have a good some of the court. And end up. I heard your mom way she handled essentially she can't do it why my train conductor doing this until the pump this is -- -- Cook cook cook I don't mind their -- lane can be whatever it wants. Wanna get up there track yet he hugged him and his brother jewel heart gung ho do it and I say power to them. I was hit back with a Mike in Macomb do it what will. It was gone you know -- I can just say now block that -- that I was allowed bill the wreckage of my time Ruble. You have been still newly married hasn't gone I didn't get it now. Nothing to drastically different which is good -- been told it's not like we just have to switch good -- -- you know it's the same. Which is nicely movies have crafted work on my my signature that's still -- -- -- and that. But that's feeling that -- cooking the books and well I think this is gonna catapults you. And a whole lot of contestants to whole news you again white community tonight ABC 8 eastern. 7 central.

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{"id":15295827,"title":"Vanessa Lachey Joins ABC's 'Wipeout'","duration":"2:31","description":"New co-host, Vanessa Lachey, joins \"GMA\" to discuss the upcoming season. ","url":"/GMA/video/abcs-wipeout-promises-tougher-obstacles-15295827","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}