Academy Awards: Inside Access at After-Parties

Lara Spencer dishes on all the happenings after the 84th Academy Awards.
3:01 | 02/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Academy Awards: Inside Access at After-Parties
How how the Oscars you are departing artists think -- DJ kiss for that to the problem what they were here in the celebrities in the stars' last without a doubt down all night long mood move the parties of course. Are the next best thing to the Oscars there's the governor's ball. Everybody goes right from the broadcast there then there's young John party which is charity everybody loves to do that. -- perhaps the only thing that could ease the pain of not getting an Oscar. Getting that invites to Vanity Fair. But but but but. Of course Hollywood -- at a party that Oscar night. Is unlike any other. He'd like a whole other planet of excitement. There's going to be things I've never seen before in my life having -- -- local in honor of the -- And -- British fact that. But -- now quiet. The Vanity Fair party is invitation only I'm trying to get -- And Elton John's Oscar bash last night a charity events. Raise more than 500 million dollars. Yes hi Good Morning America welcome to the twentieth anniversary of the Elton John AIDS Foundation body. For the Oscars. Do you ever look around and then kind of interest. Plus in this case everybody knows that is delightful and I know how to live but tonight who have no -- Miley Cyrus is Miley Cyrus who looks like big golden glamorous and gorgeous -- well. Another colonel thank you so much hyped up on my hair off. Play -- labs by yeah what do you guys -- nonstop -- Yeah I in the -- -- And these -- It's. Take them home and went to the accident when you turn until Comcast yeah. Yeah well. More than 800 -- guests were entertained by the indie pop group. Foster the people thanks for checking us out. In Beverly Hills at midnight behind a bizarre spectacle dinner and watching the Oscars on TV cost a thousand dollars a ticket it's everybody goes -- -- And for some there's always time to -- in formal. Yet at Madonna's party is the big dance floor -- here is some had -- tonight Steven Tyler with the best thing about this party you pump. That phrase I didn't even come home. But all too soon the party's over time to head home. Equity out of. From queens who wow what and night Tom Cruise and beautiful Katie Holmes I think she saw my piece on the Renton bank shed the pony tail -- the rent rent a bank they don't matching navy blue note. And Cameron Diaz and -- it was a GNL girl's night out yet and that we talked to. So. -- out of there aren't a lot of the guys that tell -- -- -- -- mom might. Well yes you have to excuses from I'm sorry we're a little groggy it was a long -- -- welcome to the world premiere of -- authorities. Club do. Afternoon. What an evening. Let me at my wedding night. We'll have a -- your wedding Milledge beats me aren't -- don't affect the local. Whatsoever -- where you most excited to see last night he looked most beautiful very I have to say Angelina -- stoning -- certainly a lot of I keep going back to. How are not -- this morning yeah I guys think you and congratulations with a big win the Muppet movie. We don't have what Limbaugh.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"Lara Spencer dishes on all the happenings after the 84th Academy Awards.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15800001","title":"Academy Awards: Inside Access at After-Parties","url":"/GMA/video/academy-awards-inside-access-parties-15800001"}