Accused Mayor, Family Discuss Sex Scandal

Linda Lusk, accused of improper contact with 14-year-old boy, discusses scandal.
4:53 | 11/11/11

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Transcript for Accused Mayor, Family Discuss Sex Scandal
C news exclusive out of small town mayor convicted. Of a crime no one ever expected -- Lusk and her husband were one of the most respected couples and Prosser Washington and -- she was accused of sexting. And having an inappropriate physical Cott contact with a fourteen year old for the first time all the key players are telling their story -- -- telling and only. The 22 and -- co anchor Chris Chris. Morning Robin this is one of those stories that the headline and is enough for everybody but it's not why we did this story this is a store you need to watch not just for what happened. But why it happened there are big issues at play in this very small time. Linda and Kevin las were high school sweethearts leading a seemingly fairy tale life. Linda the ex mayor of -- Washington Kevin the popular principal at the high school. Their home a popular hangout for their children's friends including their daughter Carly is ex boyfriend Richard Bubba frank. But -- lunchtime encounter between 49 year old Linda. And the then fourteen year old Bubba would spread like wildfire. Sending lurid rumors ricochet around their small town and. -- -- first heard about it in the. Always at school and was surprised by her mother's response. She asks. Saying OK you know what you're hearing is entirely true but I did have sent an appropriate to -- in contact with. This kid -- I was mortified. At the pain that I cost my family. How did you learn about this -- Late night conversation. -- -- needed talked him who has. Incredible unbelievable you don't -- kids. And the situation only mushroomed. Kevin learned that after the boy repeatedly asked for a photo of Linda naked. She did send him a picture of herself in a -- of psychic asking -- candy 500 -- -- funny -- go here have a case you know it's. -- credit with Saddam yes. The -- family says they believe they know the reason for -- reckless behavior. That it all stems from personal tragedy and the boy not Bubba. The boy was Linda's son Taylor she -- everything for Taylor and mean she does that tend. 24 hours ago. But fate would eventually win on a spring afternoon two years ago. Linda had left -- at home with the other kids as she often did to work -- -- her handbag shop. By the time she got back Taylor's breathing had stopped one more time and this time would be the last. I just found him. In his bed not breathing. I blame myself a little -- that I wasn't there I -- that I can't stop hit. Depression. Is not just being blue and said. And literally is a disorder that can overtake. Who you are as a person -- I mean you just. My son died of course I was sad but I didn't realize. How that was. My whole way of life with con. I make it up in the morning and going to his room just automatically into. -- there. Into that empty space came Bubba Franks. A teenager -- -- perceived as being in need of some care and nurturing. I felt like I needed to just. Be what this kid needed help him in whatever way -- -- it. If Linda -- actions had -- hidden motivations. Of the Franklin may have had his as well. Friends notice the special attention and that showed him. Some of them had seen -- Texas and the problems. The friends are daring you to push it. Every -- the law by the leaders the motivation from my friends to do -- And you -- right to be honest about that this was exciting to them. -- be honest to Chris. When you still see the headline for the story when I was reading about it and -- you know even be here going can okay. It is nothing like -- and I wouldn't have done -- get me on the head I would have done it if it was just another sex scandal. We have to know why this happened. The problems -- Bubba -- he's a young kid then he's a great football player now there's another kid you have to learn about Taylor that special boy you saw on the air with the results of these. What Linda lusted for that kid in the emotional toll it took on her. Is a window into depression and that's what the stories about them and her husband didn't sitting right next to her one of the best men I have meant what he does is an honor to marriage every man should watch wow. You've done -- again our offense great to see if the -- -- -- -- secrets is exclusive report airs tonight. On 20/20 special plane -- and 9 central to our block today.

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{"id":14931665,"title":"Accused Mayor, Family Discuss Sex Scandal","duration":"4:53","description":"Linda Lusk, accused of improper contact with 14-year-old boy, discusses scandal.","url":"/GMA/video/accused-mayor-linda-lusk-family-discuss-sex-scandal-14931665","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}