Accused Mom's Murder Plot Product of Frustration?

Wanda Holloway allegedly hired a man to kill her daughter's teammate's mother.
2:14 | 02/14/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Accused Mom's Murder Plot Product of Frustration?
Now to the Texas mom who one of her daughter to make the cheerleading squad so badly she actually try to hire a paid assassin. To knock off the mother of her daughter's arrival remember that. Well now her daughter -- speaking out and ABC news exclusive we're gonna hear from her in just a moment she's here live with us. In the studio but first here's ABC's Andrea canning. -- does -- me every day. And that's why -- want to talk about it I'm tired of being embarrassed by it. It was the cheerleading crime that shocked the nation a shocking case of parental jealousy and manipulation -- called cheerleader mom. In 1991. -- a -- washed her mother faced the consequences for a twisted murder for hire plot she waged against a rival mother. Wanda Holloway is diabolical plan against Verna -- spawned hundreds of headlines. Sensational trial and two TV movies. Including the positively true adventures of the alleged Texas cheerleader murdering mom -- not like -- think. -- -- -- -- have -- her daughter Shannon in junior high at the time was always losing to her competitor amber Heath is -- get on down -- it's frustrating. So frustrating that when channel lost the final spot on the cheerleading squad to amber as depicted in the HBO movie critic Constance tonight but -- Holloway snapped and tried to hire her ex brother in -- to help -- kill Amber's mother she believed it would force amber to quit the squad but her former brother in law turned Holloway into the. Police -- it feel when all of this exploded. Turning into TV movies articles talk shows you know when you're sitting in LA at the navy premier. And holly hatteras. On the big screen and there's 300 people are -- she and who are listening to people -- mall it was traumatic. Having found the defendant guilty of solicitation for capital murder assess her punishment at confinement or fifteen years. Wanda Holloway only served six months but she and his teen years were filled with heartache I literally felt like I had a flashing -- final mock warhead -- set -- mom's daughter -- literally get sick. No stomach for Good Morning America injury canning ABC news New York.

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{"duration":"2:14","description":"Wanda Holloway allegedly hired a man to kill her daughter's teammate's mother.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15582681","title":"Accused Mom's Murder Plot Product of Frustration?","url":"/GMA/video/accused-pom-pom-moms-murder-plot-product-frustration-15582681"}