Acrobat Who Survived Houston Fall Recounts the Ordeal

Eighth-generation circus performer Vicki Garcia plunged 25 feet during a routine stunt at Texas performance.
2:31 | 06/03/15

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Transcript for Acrobat Who Survived Houston Fall Recounts the Ordeal
Las Vegas. Our thanks to Cecilia. That scary sir us is accident. She's speaking out exclusively to ABC news this morning about what went wrong and our newest correspondent kayena Whitworth with that story. Good morning to you. She's talking about her fall for the first time, saying for the first time after two decades performing, accidents happen. This is the jaw-dropping moment when Vicky Garcia, an eighth generation circus performer plunged 25 feet to the ground during a routine stunt at a performance in Houston last week. She and her husband, Pablo, known as the duo Garcia, are part of traveling circus touting dare-devilling acrobatics. I remember in my head just something -- just slipping like this and I said, please, god save me. I clipped my safety cable in and I passed the loop to my husband and as I was going into the position I always try with my safety cables in but apparently I didn't clip in far enough. Reporter: From there, Garcia said everything moved in slow moigs. Somebody said don't move her. Don't move her. Then I don't remember anything else until they were doing the x-rays in the hospital. Reporter: Luckily she only suffered minor injuries. A little bruise here. A little bruise here. Reporter: She said that they have been doing the rocket routine for 17 years, the circus calling this human error. Now the mother of two young boys, says, she's anxious to get back to the circus. It's part of my life, it's what I do. I don't feel Normal if I'm not working. The harness she was using actually clipped into her mouth. She plans on using a different one the next time she performs. She's eighth generation on her mother's side. Seventh generation performer on her father's side. Now she's talking about her children, wanting them to follow her in the family business. I'm so happy to be here.

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{"duration":"2:31","description":"Eighth-generation circus performer Vicki Garcia plunged 25 feet during a routine stunt at Texas performance.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31491259","title":"Acrobat Who Survived Houston Fall Recounts the Ordeal","url":"/GMA/video/acrobat-survived-houston-fall-recounts-ordeal-31491259"}