Ada MacNeill Describes Finding Her Mother Dead

Audio of a police interview with Dr. Martin MacNeill's youngest daughter was played in his murder trial.
3:50 | 10/30/13

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Transcript for Ada MacNeill Describes Finding Her Mother Dead
start with the latest in the case of the utah doctor on trial for murdering his wife. She was found by her 6-year-old daughter. And in a dramatic moment, the jury heard the girl tell her story. Abc's aditi roy has the details. How does it make you feel talking about your mom? Sad. orter: THAT'S THE 7-year-old voice of little ada MacNEILL, TALKING TO A POLICE OFFICER ABOUT michele MacNeill. Was she nice? Was she mean? She was nice. Did you ever see your mom sad? Not really. Reporter: Ada was 6 when she discovered michele lying unconscious in the bathtub in 2007. I screamed mom, I'm home. And then, went in. And then, my dad came in. And he was by the bathtub. And he was trying to pull my mom up. Reporter: The little girl taped a nearly hour-long interview with investigators, while living with martin's older daughter, alexis, a year after michele's death. It was played for jurors tuesday. What did you see when you walked into the bathroom? It was just like water, different color. She was just laying down in the bathtub. What was your dad doing? The bathroom? He was screaming, quick, help, go next door and get somebody. So, I had to run next door. Reporter: The prosecution SAYS martin MacNeill killed his wife of nearly three decades by giving her a fatal dose of painkillers and luring her into the tub while she was recovering from plastic surgery. A face-lift investigators say he insisted she have. MacNEILL SAYS HE IS INNOCENT. His lawyers say michele died of a heart condition. Was she all the way in the bathtub? Or part way in the bathtub? All the way. Reporter: Others have given conflicting testimony at michele's position in the tub. PROSECUTORS ARGUE that MacNeill killed his wife, to continue an affair with his mistress at the time, gypsy willis. She told jurors about sending RACY PICTURES to MacNeill the day after michele's death. It's suggestive. Your buttocks? Yes. Reporter: She says macneill proposed to her with an engagement ring three months after michele's death. 4.5 carats. Reporter: Ada said little about the defendant. Do you miss your dad? I don't want to talk about it. Reporter: For "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news, san francisco. Let's bring in dan abrams. You see that little girl. Hard to imagine the powerful testimony. Heart wrenching testimony in that courtroom. At the end, she was asked so many questions she didn't want to answer. How do you feel about your father? The answer was, I don't want to talk about it. And you heard the person questioning her, who is an expert in this, being very careful, trying not to push her. Trying to be very gentle and recognizing this is was a 7-year-old she was talking to. And the defense, not cross-examining. It's smart of them. They could have called her to the stand. This was a tape introduced. They could have called her to the stand at age 12, to cross-examine her. They decided not to, smartly. They're going to bring in experts to challenge her memory. They're going to say this interview was done almost a year later. Now, she's almost 12 years old, et cetera. I don't think that's going to change t impact of that -- and there is something substantive that's very important about her testimony, as well. She is saying that her mother was wearing certain clothes, including pants, that she was in a certain place in the tub. Very different than what martin MacNEILL HAS SAID AND WHAT Authorities found when they got there. The claim by prosecutors is, THAT martin MacNeill may have manipulated the crime scene. Dan abrams, thanks very much.

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{"id":20724664,"title":"Ada MacNeill Describes Finding Her Mother Dead ","duration":"3:50","description":"Audio of a police interview with Dr. Martin MacNeill's youngest daughter was played in his murder trial.","url":"/GMA/video/ada-macneill-describes-finding-mother-dead-20724664","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}