Adam Lambert Announces Tour with Queen

The former "American Idol" star will be filling the shoes of the legendary singer Freddie Mercury.
3:00 | 03/06/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Adam Lambert Announces Tour with Queen
But now josh with the big announcement. Very big one. Excited. All morning long here, of course, the man of the hour, Adam lambert. We've been telling you all morning he has something of a legendary announcement to share. I do believe we have a little "B" roll to roll singing. Oh, what do you know a classic. We will rock you at the I heart radio music festival. I'm sure the dudes from "Wayne's world" will be happy to hear it. Any others? They are the champions. They are the champions. What do you know. My friend -- Come on in. Brian and roger. From queen. Yeah. And so the three of you are here. Can you share with us the big news. Yeah, the big news is that we are going on tour this summer! Yeah. Adam will be filling the big, big shoes of Freddie Mercury. Eddie. Freddie. I said that. Oh. Whoa. You've said this was a dream come true. It is. We saw, in fact, sing a little queen in the audition process for "American idol." It feels like it fits. What though about this filling Freddie's shoes resonate with you. To get onstage with these two amazing rock royalty members, yes, royalty -- Oh, gosh. Honestly it's -- queen is one of the quintessential rock bands of all time. They have formed like music that no one has ever heard before and influenced bands for years to come. To be able to bring these songs to life on stage. And we feel that Adam is one of the few singers that actually can deliver our songs. Probably the only. So, hey, guys -- Absolutely. So, again, it is a tour that will be kicking off later this summer, north American summer tour. June 19th in Chicago, again, my congratulations to you, Adam. Come see us. It's going to be amazing, amazing summer tour.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The former \"American Idol\" star will be filling the shoes of the legendary singer Freddie Mercury.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22797114","title":"Adam Lambert Announces Tour with Queen","url":"/GMA/video/adam-lambert-announces-tour-queen-22797114"}