Adele to Perform at Grammys After Throat Surgery

Nick Watt reports on the singer's remarkable comeback.
2:25 | 02/10/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Adele to Perform at Grammys After Throat Surgery
Wonderful news your superstar singer Adele is performing at the grammys this weekend. Three months after throat surgery threatened to end her career and ABC's nick -- has the story. -- for six grammys this weekend six. With a voice like that who needs a back story and rebels got one and soon merely tragic -- -- might. 2009 this English girl from a broken -- -- virtual unknown and -- -- two grammys with her debut album. Ninety. Follow -- and sold seventeen million worldwide in school. Singles and the only safe -- there isn't good. -- -- -- And -- right she's. Real and we know. Isn't it -- you're listening to -- someone like. And I want it. Sunday night and none. Then a vocal cord hemorrhage there were whispers career -- over she told sixty minutes. Happened. Yeah I had benefits via the what are they actually do the Fed may and you fight cup opponent incumbent may -- him respect -- And fix it. She wasn't allowed to talk for weeks ended down loves a good -- -- not apple. Sargent community for five words by pat at a nice -- analysts have not -- a fine. And he -- the way into and then SP fit that -- it went up this way. Mostly because went on I found this one that we can -- -- feel really came a point because. Narrow for the girl -- Soul and love and heartbreak the Romans with this -- -- writes on her blog this is the first. It's time I will comment on the details of my number with -- everyone in our lives separately and together which is nothing but the best. And vice press this week there was a backlash over -- just one. Karl Lagerfeld called her a little too fat listen Carl if I was you I'd keep pretty quiet about other people's Linux and Carl. She's done though the. So I. Sunday night you'll be singing -- Good morning American. BC news.

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{"id":15554666,"title":"Adele to Perform at Grammys After Throat Surgery","duration":"2:25","description":"Nick Watt reports on the singer's remarkable comeback.","url":"/GMA/video/adele-perform-grammys-throat-surgery-15554666","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}