Adele Pregnancy: Singer Prepares for Motherhood

The Grammy winner opens up about her pregnancy in the latest issue of People.
3:00 | 10/11/12

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Transcript for Adele Pregnancy: Singer Prepares for Motherhood
It is 7:43. Has everyone heard the new adele song? Yes. We brought it to you first. So, right now, we have new details on superstar adele and how she's preparing for her next project, motherhood. In "people" magazine, the 24-year-old singing superstar opens up about picking up baby names and how she almost didn't record this latest hit. It's any day now for singing superstar, adele. The eight-time grammy winner d the news on her blog in june. Writing, quote, I'm delighted to announce that simon and I are expecting our first ild together. Obviously, we're over the moon. And now, in the latest issue of "people" magazine, a family source reveals the 24-year-old british powerhouse is, quote, nesting. Picking out furniture for the baby's room and trying to choose names. In 2008, she told the magazine, she really wanted to be a mom. Adele told "people" magazine a few years ago, she wants three boys by the time she's 30. Right now, she's changed. She stopped drinking and smoking. And she's really focusing on her pregnancy. ♪ This is the end ♪ Reporter: In the mean tile, adele's topping the charts again. ♪ Hold your breath and count to ten ♪ Reporter: Singing the new bond theme song, "skyfall," just released. A source said adele was hesitant to do a bond theme because she was worried it might be cheesy. Once she accepted the gig, she took it very seriously. Reporter: Bond's star, daniel craig, told jimmy fallon, that adele was his first choice for the theme. When adele's name came up, i jumped at it. Like a little girl? She has the voice. She has the tone we wanted. Reporter: And while fans enjoy adele's first release since her album "21" won the grammy last year, adele anr boyfriend are busy anxiously awaiting their own release, due out soon. The producer of "skyfall" said adel read the script because she wanted to get the sound just right. The best for her. Coming up, we have josh with

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{"id":17450894,"title":"Adele Pregnancy: Singer Prepares for Motherhood","duration":"3:00","description":"The Grammy winner opens up about her pregnancy in the latest issue of People.","url":"/GMA/video/adele-pregnancy-singer-prepares-motherhood-17450894","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}