Aerial Sports League Sends Drones Through Obstacles

"GMA" anchors face off in a drone obstacle course.
3:19 | 02/04/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Aerial Sports League Sends Drones Through Obstacles
? Wow, remember that video from yesterday, that drone going right into the heart of the volcano up in Iceland. Ginger was there and just one example of drops being used for so many things these days. Even a hot new gaming trend. Gamers are facing off in an aerial supports league and Paula Faris has more on that. Reporter: Zipping through a futuristic racetrack mowing bound targets. Part mad scientist and part airbor airborneathlete. Mark corn blatt is behind "Game of drones"? We invite those to come with their own or ours and go at it. Reporter: The fierce flying machines for our very own "Gma" game of drones. We travel from the kingdom of anchor island to face off in the realm of New Jersey in the arena of medieval times. Okay, you say that these are virtually indestructible. They have. We've landed on water and through fire. Reporter: We'll take quite a beating as I do battle with ginger zee. Round one, the gauntlet, a daring obstacle course race. Go. Oh, boy. Whoa. Whoa. Bring it back. Oh. You did not say it couldn't be a crash landing. Round two, the siege, be the first to capture the flag. It's going the wrong way, I think. I got it, I got it. I got it. Oh, yes, I got it. Whoa. I didn't even get off the ground yet. Reporter: Ginger is down by two. The joust, combat to the death. Start the battle? I'm doing great. Who wants to fight me? Let's fight it out. Oh, my gosh. No. Now you basically want to knock the other guy out. I can't get to you. Not crash. Oh. Paula, that's a tko, unfortunately. We're equally as bad. Yes. In honor of your valor in defeating house of zee, I dub theethe master of the drones. All right, George, are you ready. Take on the pastor. Yes, we were both off a little bit. We set up our own mini game of drones right here. Look at these guys. All we have to do is get it through the ring of fire. That's all. Channel your inner atari. Okay. Ready? First one through. Yeah. Oh. Sorry about that, everybody. It's stuck. Are you stuck? George is stuck. Uh-oh. Come on back. This is so much harder than it looks, people. Oh. Whoa. Mine went behind the wall. Whoa. Get it through here. Come on, George. I don't even know where mine went. Oh, here comes mine. I lost it again. Ooh. Come on back, baby. I'm in another studio. Ooh. Okay. We're calling this one.

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{"id":28715143,"title":"Aerial Sports League Sends Drones Through Obstacles","duration":"3:19","description":"\"GMA\" anchors face off in a drone obstacle course. ","url":"/GMA/video/aerial-sports-league-sends-drones-obstacles-28715143","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}