Afghan Massacre: American Solider Back in U.S.

Sgt. Robert Bales is accused of carrying out a massacre in Afghanistan.
2:55 | 03/17/12

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Transcript for Afghan Massacre: American Solider Back in U.S.
American soldier accused of carrying out a massacre that could. Changed the course of the war in Afghanistan his name is Robert -- he's back in America this morning. And we are now hearing from people close to him ABC's Neal Karlinsky. He's just outside of Tacoma Washington this morning with the very latest -- good morning to you. -- mourning the soldier's wife and two very small children are on the other side of this gate here on base here at joint base Lewis McCord amazingly for their own security. After nearly a week shrouded in secrecy we are now learning quite a bit about the soldier accused in this horrific massacre. Staff Sargent Robert bales seen here at a military training facility is waking up to his first morning in a private cell in special housing at Fort Leavenworth the military's maximum security prison. We've now learned that between his grueling four deployments -- lived a quiet suburban life at this home in lake taps Washington. With two small children and a wife with a good job but -- marketing and public relations company. I would describe him adds. Diane. I'm just happy it to be around very loving very he was so kind everybody and you -- the -- -- person that. The -- union you know I was like he had a friend. The 38 year old spent his career at joint base Lewis McCord but. Grew up outside Cincinnati where he was known as Bobby -- and was the captain of -- high school football team. He felt that he needed something bigger as hard as my heart and soul that's why I went to military and general. Give it to help people. Amazingly in an account he gave after a battle in Iraq in 2007. The man accused of massacring women and children is quoted as saying. Afterward we ended up helping the people that three or four hours before were trying to kill us. I think that's the real difference between being an American as opposed to being a bad guy someone who puts his family in harm's way you like that. He was a decorated soldier with a long list of accomplishments but no purple heart despite two injuries his attorney described. As serious combat wounds. He also faced at least one assault charge back home in 2002. But no signs of stress or marital problems recently. Nothing anyone can point to to explain such a brutal act. The last time I saw him. This team between the properties over their closest -- would be safe -- he said yeah -- know from my little -- -- -- A retired officer who did three tours in Iraq with -- told us over the phone last night that he just can't believe this is the guy he knows he told us quote all I can tell you with. I can't believe it's as cut and dry as what is being reported while we should find out more about that shortly. Charges haven't been filed yet but that should change soon and Indiana. This decision mystifying story -- thank you and one with a real national security consequences for this country.

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{"id":15945175,"title":"Afghan Massacre: American Solider Back in U.S.","duration":"2:55","description":"Sgt. Robert Bales is accused of carrying out a massacre in Afghanistan. ","url":"/GMA/video/afghan-massacre-american-solider-back-us-15945175","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}