Afghan Massacre: Sgt. Robert Bales Details

Who is the man accused of slaughtering civilians in Afghanistan?
2:20 | 03/18/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Afghan Massacre: Sgt. Robert Bales Details
We have -- conflicting portrait emerging this morning of us staff Sargent Robert -- the man accused of slaughtering civilians over in Afghanistan you know we're here on the one hand. About a doting father a man who once cared for special needs children. But then are these reports of a criminal record and possible financial troubles. ABC's Neal Karlinsky is outside the base near Tacoma Washington and he starts our reporting this morning. This morning inside solitary confinement at Fort Leavenworth Sargent Robert -- awaits his first outside visitors -- Seattle attorneys. In a statement attorney John Henry brown and and the scandal and say they plan to spend several days with their new client. It is too early to determine what factors may have played into this incident and the defense team looks forward to reviewing the evidence. Sargent -- medical and personnel records. And interviewing witnesses. The details of the massacre are hard for those who know this father of two to comprehend. -- was described as an easy going family man. Years ago voted best dancer and most spirited as a high school student and star athlete outside Cincinnati Ohio. So what went wrong. I just feel so source for him and his family because I feel -- he's just a victim of the terrible terrible war. But there were earlier problems a series of scuffles with the law for assault and hit and run. A court ordered anger management class and frustration over a -- promotion. His wife writing on her blog last year that he was very disappointed after all the sacrifices he's made for his love of country you know he's a brother in arms. At this point India's economy turns -- his films taken care of a retired officer observed with males on three tremors in Iraq tells ABC news. You don't know what happened unless you were there I really can't believe this happened. His family is already paying dearly moved from their suburban home and put under military protection. All the while wondering what happened to the man that could have led to such horrific violence in a statement from attorneys the surgeon's wife expressed only support. Surgeon -- family is stunned in the face of this tragedy but they stand behind the man they know as a devoted husband father. And dedicated member of the armed services. They details will be in the charges and now a full week after this incident. Charges still haven't been filed.

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{"id":15947651,"title":"Afghan Massacre: Sgt. Robert Bales Details","duration":"2:20","description":"Who is the man accused of slaughtering civilians in Afghanistan?","url":"/GMA/video/afghan-massacre-sgt-robert-bales-details-who-is-the-man-accused-slaughtering-civilians-international-15947651","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}