Afghanistan Shooting: Suspect Hires Lawyer

New information surfaces about the soldier accused of going on killing rampage.
1:43 | 03/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Afghanistan Shooting: Suspect Hires Lawyer
-- latest on the American soldier went on that Rampage killing innocent civilians in Afghanistan. He's -- -- civilian lawyer on his way back to the states and we're learning more about why he may have snapped. -- she's Martha Raddatz is here with more on that and and Martha investigators saying he was under tremendous stress and alcohol may have been involved -- That's right -- another high profile lawyers John Henry brown and it's clear that post traumatic stress from multiple deployments could be part of the defense. Brown said that the soldier was injured twice when that we have previously reported a concussion that caused the mild brain injury. From the rollover of his vehicle in a rock and a serious injury to his foot during another deployment. Resulting in the removal of part of it. The lawyer says that after three deployments to Iraq the soldier did not want to go to Afghanistan and was originally -- didn't -- -- And he says the night before the shooting spree the soldier's side of friends who had his leg blown off. She said was very traumatized me that it was in -- that they first brought the -- to Kuwait create a little bit of an uproar their but now the becoming the states for proceedings. He will probably come to Fort Leavenworth Kansas that could be as early as today now will learn his name when he is charged we don't know exactly when that will happen it could happen today. But possibly next week and we have any sense of the scope of the charges here in with the potential penalty would be. I think you'll certainly see multiple murder charges and they will possibly carry a death penalty the lawyer talked about that you know the lawyer also said he didn't think there really -- marital difficulties he knows nothing about. Drinking but investigators do say that's what they think happened. -- -- thanks very much.

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{"id":15934692,"title":"Afghanistan Shooting: Suspect Hires Lawyer","duration":"1:43","description":"New information surfaces about the soldier accused of going on killing rampage.","url":"/GMA/video/afghanistan-shooting-suspect-hires-lawyer-15934692","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}