African Safari Is the Latest Attraction at the Columbus Zoo

Jack Hanna takes Sara Haines on a wild trip to the zoo's latest exhibit.
3:47 | 05/26/14

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Transcript for African Safari Is the Latest Attraction at the Columbus Zoo
So good but right to Sara Haines we asked where can you go to ride a camel. Have a close entown ter wi encounter with a cheetah and jack Hanna, the director emeritus took Sara Haines on an african-style safari inside the newest attraction. The heart of Africa is open to the public. It was jack's dream to bring this part of the world to so many who may not see it otherwise and I was one of those people. After visiting I'm left with one word, magical. Imagine getting off a plane in Columbus, Ohio, and just 30 minutes later you're on an african safari. I first came up here. You started crying. Yes. Reporter: It's called heart of Africa. A new 43-acre expanse on the grounds of the Columbus zoo and aquarium. 130 animals representing 20 species. The culmination of a dream for jack Hanna. He says it's the most exciting thing he's done in his 45 years in the zoo business. There's a common zebra. Reporter: This is not your father's trip to the zoo. They go back in their home. Kind of like my home. This has to be one of the most interactive experiences you can have at any zoo. We'll ride this thing. Who said we had to ride it? If I came here I get to ride a camel. Oh, brother. Reporter: Yep, camel rides. Why are you sliding to the right, jack Hanna. Hadn't you ever ride a camel before? Why did you put me with him. I am not ready but go ahead. I'm ready. I said I'm telling you -- Yee ha. You have to be quiet. That scares him. I made that up. Reporter: We were just getting started. Ever pet a giraffe. Their tongue is 12 to 14 inches long. Let me see how far out she'll go. I bet you didn't know they had penguins in Africa. I didn't. Watch, watch this. Look at that. One of the fastest land mammals in the world. I bet you didn't know cheetahs are such timid animals they're raised with Labrador retrievers to help them be more courageous and confident. We're going into my tent camp.a they'll look right at you. They've taken my underwear and socks. Trees and throw them all over the place. No. The lion. Oh, my gosh. But mylp favorite part this plane. Imagine you've landed in the wild from inside with only this window separating you can experience what it's like when the king of the jungle comes to check things out. That wing is air conditioned. Yeah. Exactly. Air conditioned plane parts and a side of beef on your wing notwithstanding it's a zoo experience that was like a girl who escaped on an african safari. You don't need a passport. Or shots or nothing. Just me to put up with. You may want to reconsider the passport. I have to say the best part was jack was so emotional about this because it was a dream he and his wife sue had for years and to see that it was palpable? So fantastic. I love what you were saying about the plane. They get that close to cool off their body and you're face to face with a lion. The wing is air conditioned to draw them up. They'll lay right by you with a little piece of glass. We were peppering her. Wait, did that really happen? They were little kids. About as excited as jack was. When you come back from a piece and you say I'm going back. I'm definitely going back and taking my whole family. Congratulations to jack. If you want to go head to on Yahoo! To go inside the heart of Africa exhibit and see even more of those amazing animals.

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{"duration":"3:47","description":"Jack Hanna takes Sara Haines on a wild trip to the zoo's latest exhibit. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23868864","title":"African Safari Is the Latest Attraction at the Columbus Zoo","url":"/GMA/video/african-safari-latest-attraction-columbus-zoo-23868864"}