Man Tries to Open Emergency Door Mid-Flight

Passengers took Alexander Herrera down after he allegedly tried to open the cabin door.
1:48 | 05/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Man Tries to Open Emergency Door Mid-Flight
Now -- that alarm in mid air on national board and Alaska Airlines flight tried to open an exit door. As the passenger jet was coming in for a landing -- you better believe this fellow seat mates took him down and ABC's David Hurley has the latest from Washington DC to mourn. Doing good. Morning Robin this is a crazy one tray tables up electronic devices off radio landed a man gets up and -- to open the emergency door. As you mentioned the passengers jumped. To stop it. This morning 23 year old Alexander Guerrero will be in court. After allegedly trying to open an emergency exit in mid air he was trying very hard -- planes this very intense trying to get Basil and Alaska Airlines says there was a critical point in the flight just ten minutes from landing the passenger in -- 171 of the exit rows. Meets -- and usual statements and then started yanking on the handle trying to open the emergency door somebody -- screaming to stop them taken down. Passengers pounced on the 220 pound suspect then he and got up and repeated tomorrow showed a reporter what he did. Alleviate. And -- Gets. What I did what our -- stronger. The flight crew brought shoelaces to -- the man's legs and use seat belt extensions to bind him to keep -- under control and the passengers reported hearing a hissing sound from the -- -- both the airlines and our aviation consultant and say those emergency exits and can't be open during flight and. Frightening news that is it simply can't be done until you're on the ground there's enough pressure inside holding almost -- close. So why -- the Arizona -- do it we may learn more George later today when he actually shows up in court. You'll look forward of that favorite player who went so well trained down. Know exactly what to -- situation like that.

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{"id":19269329,"title":"Man Tries to Open Emergency Door Mid-Flight","duration":"1:48","description":"Passengers took Alexander Herrera down after he allegedly tried to open the cabin door.","url":"/GMA/video/air-alaska-flight-man-open-emergency-door-mid-19269329","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}