'All by Myself' Airport Lip-Sync Goes Viral

Stuck overnight in the Las Vegas airport, Richard Dunn shot a hilarious video of himself lip-syncing Celine Dion.
3:15 | 06/11/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'All by Myself' Airport Lip-Sync Goes Viral
We head to the social square because we want to show you the video that is truly an overnight sensation. A man who found an ingenious way to kill time waiting at the airport. He shot a video of him lip-syncing to Celine Dion, "All by myself." 3 million plays in just three days. We'll let you check it out for yourself. ? All by myself anymore ? ? all by myself ? Very creative, with some of the shots. Joining us from his home in Canton, Richard Dunn. Good morning, everybody. How are you? We are great, thanks to you, Richard. You have put a big smile on our faces. You have done things like this before. But 3 million views. Never something like this, right, Richard? This is incredible. I've been a video hack for the past ten years. There's been a steady stream of this stuff crossing my computer. And friends and family think, oh, that's nice. That's nice. And I thought this was another one of those. I figured I'd crank this out here. Get a couple of my friends to think it's pretty fun of it. And now, I'm talking to you. You make it sound so easy. How do you get that shot right there from the top of the escalator? First of all, when I got bumped from the flight, I thought, okay. I need something here. So, I borrowed a roll of luggage tape from one of the mechanics that was out there on the concourse. And I had a ruler in my bag. I had an extended handle on my laptop. I grabbed a wheelchair. I was taping the phone to the ruler, the ruler to the wheel Sha chair. I thought, this is gold. I put the wheelchair on the moving sidewalk. And I'd have to run and get in place. Lip-sync. The song was playing on my iPad. And at the end of the sidewalk, I had to catch it before it knocked over. All kinds of stuff. And same thing with the escalator. I put it on. That's my favorite shot. I wanted to get the angle. And started the music. Was singing along. Holy crap, it's hitting the top. I have a clip that I need to pull off. So good, Richard. How long were you in there? Really quick? About two or three hours to shoot it. And four hours to edit it.

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{"id":24086786,"title":"'All by Myself' Airport Lip-Sync Goes Viral ","duration":"3:15","description":"Stuck overnight in the Las Vegas airport, Richard Dunn shot a hilarious video of himself lip-syncing Celine Dion.","url":"/GMA/video/airport-lip-sync-viral-24086786","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}