Al Smith Dinner 2012: Obama-Romney Cease Fire

Presidential candidates take a break from the campaign trail to crack some jokes for charity.
3:00 | 10/19/12

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Transcript for Al Smith Dinner 2012: Obama-Romney Cease Fire
A race for the white house n now. And new polls are giving each candidate good news. It's "your voice, your vote." With just 18 days to go. Jake tapper is here with all of the latest. Jake, some comic relief last night after fight night on tuesday. Reporter: That's right, george. It was a night of comedy with the deeply intense sub text of an election that anyone can win. Barack obama. Reporter: Overnight, the candidates appeared at the al smith dinner, a catholic fund-raiser in new york city. They were armed with zingers, to promote laughs, not score political points. In less than three weeks, voters in states like ohio, virginia and florida, will decide this incredibly important election. Which begs the question, what are we doing here? Nice to finally relax and to wear what ann and I wear around the house. Reporter: Part-host/part-standup, the event at the waldorf astoria, boast new york's creme de la creme. I was well-rested after the nice, long nap I had in the first debate. You have to wonder what he's thinking. So little time. So much to redistribute. Sometimes it feelshis race has been going on forever. But paul ryan assured me we were only running for 2:57 minutes. It's nice to have someone in our corner that we can lean on. I have my beautiful wife, ann. He has bill clinton. Reporter: While in manhattan, the president dropped by the set of "the daily show," to mix it up with jon stewart. We have been speaking, now, for a good 12 to 14 minutes. And I am curious. How many e-mails during that time do you think your campaign has sent me? It depends on whether you're maxed out. Reporter: It was not all funny business. I would say even you admit it was not the optimal response, at least to the american people, as far as us all being on the same page. Well, here's what I'll say. Yep. If four americans get killed, it's not optimal. And we're going to fix it. All of it. All of it. Reporter: Some conservatives making hay out of the optimal comment. As you pointed out, romney is ahead in the gallup daily tracking point by seven points. Obama leads in the states of wisconsin and iowa. Romney showing momentum in florida, north carolina, virginia. It could come down to ohio. It sure will. And it will go down to the wire. We close in on monday's final debate, sunday "this week" rahm emanuel for the democrats. And florida senator, marco rubio

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Presidential candidates take a break from the campaign trail to crack some jokes for charity.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17515806","title":"Al Smith Dinner 2012: Obama-Romney Cease Fire","url":"/GMA/video/al-smith-dinner-2012-video-shows-barack-obama-17515806"}