Alabama Sorority Accused of Discrimination

Two women say alumni blocked their invitations to a sorority because they are black.
1:51 | 09/18/13

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Transcript for Alabama Sorority Accused of Discrimination
The college year is kicking into high gear. And accusations of racism against sororities at the university of alabama. And reena ninan has the story. Reporter: The women who asked to remain anonymous, described as ideal university of alabama sorority pledges. One earned a 4.3 gpa and is a relative of a university trustee. There shouldn't be a race aspect on campus. Reporter: But the allegations in the school neighbor, the women say they were kept out of a sorority because they were black. The paper said the women were set to be invited to join, until older alumni told current sisters not to let black pledges in. On tuesday, alabama's president mandated white sororities must now allow women to join year-round. We will not tell any group who they must pledge, the university of alabama will not tolerate discrimination of any kind. Reporter: The new policy would allow the women who say they were excluded to join their chosen sorority. Still, some students say that's not enough. Anger over the controversy is now spilling across the campus, a place where 50 years ago, governor george wallace once stood, blocking black students from enrolling. This time, it is because our greek system remains segregated. Reporter: Experts that judge greek organizations across the country remain one of the last bastians of segregation. I'm not sure I'm going to look at these organizations. I'm looking for true sisterhood. Reporter: And the controversy isn't over. More than 500 people are scheduled to march at the university of alabama. Their way of speaking out against greek segregation.

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{"id":20289966,"title":"Alabama Sorority Accused of Discrimination","duration":"1:51","description":"Two women say alumni blocked their invitations to a sorority because they are black.","url":"/GMA/video/alabama-sorority-accused-discrimination-20289966","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}