Alaska Town Buried Under 18-Feet of Snow

Residents of Cardova, Alaska, worry heavy snow could cause structural damage.
2:01 | 01/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alaska Town Buried Under 18-Feet of Snow
-- in Alaska's they'll try to dig their way out of a record snowfall of ABC meteorologist ginger Z is here and this is a -- which he picked Sarah mountain the. -- And health and well why yeah. Now this is a pretty serious situation in Alaska actually folks there are scoffing at snow reports from the lower 48 saying he wants he's now -- study is now. Look -- -- wind up oh wait you can't see out my window it's covered. They've already more than doubled their annual snow totals and it's not over. It just won't stop falling. Cordoba slammed again overnight more snow while looking -- town already buried in more than eighteen feet yes feet of the stuff. -- these suffocating under more than 26 feet. Police say one apartment building and at least six homes have been evacuated residents now staying in a Red Cross shelter. People don't just face sampling affirmed far I am to -- M everybody has just exhausted. The primary concern this morning structural damage there is enough snow to -- two story homes and with one foot of snow weighing more than five pounds roofs are now severely stressed and collapsing. Businesses are closed schools and banks have not opened all week and there is nowhere left to put that snow that shovel. The National Guard will be back out shoveling today fell hundreds of people are still on a waiting list for help. Meanwhile in Nome Alaska it's not snow but bitter cold causing a crisis tense there are as low as thirty below zero. The town has been waiting for days for fuel to be delivered by this Russian tanker. New pictures this morning it's only ten miles from the coast in the frozen Bering Sea you know at -- thirty below its kinda hard to get out and and. Kick up your heels -- -- tankers and I think we'll be doing this. To get rid of this now Cordoba has bought a snow not -- -- a large piece of equipment that does just that -- snow -- -- water and just a few seconds but I also -- -- gauge interest thanks very much.

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{"duration":"2:01","description":"Residents of Cardova, Alaska, worry heavy snow could cause structural damage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15352810","title":"Alaska Town Buried Under 18-Feet of Snow","url":"/GMA/video/alaska-town-buried-18-feet-snow-15352810"}