Baldwin Intensifies Fight With AA

Baldwin apologized to passengers but continues the feud with the airline.
3:28 | 12/08/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Baldwin Intensifies Fight With AA
The latest on Alec Baldwin and is growing spat with American Airlines the actor apologized to his fellow passengers but he is not backing down from his fighting words. Directed at the airline industry had no American is not backing down either and neither is -- Eric Snow takes a closer look. I'm on the case revenue until this story ends of the of the hornets this is not one of those up on your -- get all choked up apologies Alec Baldwin said sorry to his fellow passengers. While throwing more jazz at the flight attendant in question. -- and the airline industry in general all the while keeping this. Deliciously absurd -- doubt very much alive. Alec Baldwin blowing up a neat trick saying sorry while at the same time escalating the war of words -- American Airlines. In his statement issued late yesterday he apologized to his fellow passengers for the delay he -- but directly took on the flight attendant who he said singled him out. While lambasting the airline industry in general -- the -- filthy the meals barely edible and saying -- flight attendants walked 3000 an airplane with whistles. All of it making flying a Greyhound bus experience. This controversy was practically need for late night comics and -- or not they took full advantage -- night. Well Alec Baldwin's -- the -- the united must've missed his flight out. All things started Tuesday afternoon -- actor tweeted that he'd been -- to buy an American flight attendant. Replaying that scrabble style video game words with friends even though the plane was still at the gate. That was followed by a lizard and angry suites including one comparing American flight crew take Catholic school gym teachers from the 1950s. Wednesday American Airlines came out with its side of the story saying -- not only refused to turn off his phone. But got up and took his phone into the bathroom slamming the door so hard that cockpit crew heard it. After which Baldwin was extremely rude to the crew calling them inappropriate names which is when they had him removed. The head of the largest flight attendants union was unsparing. It's completely inappropriate for any passenger -- disregard the crew member instructions. To get up and Brennan -- -- bathroom as a way team continued to disobey commands. -- Historically passengers him needed to go have a smoke. And even though Baldwin has now shut down his Twitter account. He is famous friends are using this social network to rush to Baldwin's defense with -- Steinfeld -- hash tag no harm done. And then this from Steve -- now playing words with friends on playground slide been asked to turn up by my teacher. Won't many people sympathize -- Baldwin's frustration as illustrated in this episode of the west wing. You change your phone until -- -- sir reply and a lucky eagle series L 1011. Can afford twenty months ago marriages and five -- tracking -- me telling me this performance this -- -- -- -- hundred readiness. Lot of us feel that way but even the people who say this rule is a logical admit Baldwin. May have taken his complaint just a little bit too far meanwhile this whole thing has been a huge boon for words with friends but one -- online game has added a 100000. New players since Baldwin who lost his cool and now he's soft Twitter -- -- more time. That's right city that's right I suspect he'll be back -- -- Steve Martin's sweet that was very fun Reagan.

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{"duration":"3:28","description":"Baldwin apologized to passengers but continues the feud with the airline.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15111770","title":"Baldwin Intensifies Fight With AA","url":"/GMA/video/alec-baldwin-american-airlines-15111770"}