Alec Baldwin Kicked Off Plane

"30 Rock" star allegedly refused to stop playing video games on his cellphone.
3:17 | 12/07/11

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Transcript for Alec Baldwin Kicked Off Plane
It's Alec -- fight on the tarmac an -- acts. Which unit with his being tossed off a cross country American Airlines flight are we can anchor Dan Harris has been tracking it all for us -- morning -- questions about -- -- -- -- Are these the actions of a crazy person or -- brilliant showman or both. I don't know what I do know is this Alec Baldwin was playing a video game on a plane. And then all hell broke loose. Yeah yeah. Subdued Alec Baldwin refused to speak with reporters as he arrived in New York overnight just hours after being kicked off. He's first flight from Los Angeles to New York on Tuesday and then launching a transcontinental. Twitter tirade against American Airlines. -- -- It all started at around 1 o'clock West Coast time when a -- from a fellow passenger declared. Alec Baldwin removed from the plane we had to go back to the gate terrible that everyone had to wait exactly what the famously temperamental actor had done was unclear until Baldwin himself tweeted. Flight attendant on American -- me out for plain words with friends while we sat at the gate not moving. Former boxing champ Oscar De La Hoya was sitting in first class -- Baldwin. Alec Baldwin -- mean -- sending us talk to any of its devices on. I just got a little an angry. But some other passengers say Baldwin did much more than just play this scrabble -- game on his Smart -- In -- -- get off the economy sucked into the bathroom and became a little bit irate and had to remove him from the flight. Yeah at first American Airlines refused to comment but later treated our flight attendants were following federal safety procedures. On electronic devices -- aircraft door is closed within moments of being kicked off the flight Baldwin Begin a Twitter Rampage. Sweeting hash tag there's always united then announcing that he'd rebook himself on americans' 3 o'clock flight and that the flight attendants already looked smarter. Then he wrote he was his last night -- American. Where retired Catholic school gym teachers in the 1950s. Find jobs as flight -- armed with onboard Whiteside that we continue from the air -- -- sending this picture with the words let Alex play. Followed by video clips of a cursing irishman who hates bankers. A young Cuban ballet dancer and a cryptic -- swipe at Harvey Levin founder of TMZ. Baldwin has long been a fan of expressing himself and -- 140 characters or -- he -- -- -- -- on the -- with Conan O'Brien Monday night for people love this I think -- -- -- -- The bathroom. And just last week Baldwin launched a political tirade of tweets. Calling conservatives gun loving war mongering trolls. The star has also been a hot head off flying captured here yelling on the streets of New York City last month -- -- And I. Overnight Baldwin was far Tamer telling an ABC news producer who asked for comment simply you kidding me right. In October he got into a Twitter war with a Republican state senator over tax policy he called that guy Republican tool. And in September he made headlines when he called out -- -- that is neighborhood Starbucks as having quote an attitude problem. Robin over to you that remember that one are right -- Dan.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"\"30 Rock\" star allegedly refused to stop playing video games on his cellphone.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15102907","title":"Alec Baldwin Kicked Off Plane","url":"/GMA/video/alec-baldwin-kicked-off-american-airlines-flight-jfk-15102907"}