Baldwin's Tweets Draw Comparison to Deen Remarks

People magazine's Larry Hackett discusses the media's reaction to both celebrities' comments.
4:17 | 07/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Baldwin's Tweets Draw Comparison to Deen Remarks
"gma heat index," the hottest stories trending including as larry told us jessica simpson's brand-new baby boy. The latest on alec baldwin's twitter rant and a huge weekend at the box office. Here to talk about it all our good friend editor at "people" magazine. Larry hackett. Good morning. So it was heard with lara, jessica simpson -- I didn't know that till I came in this morning. We knew it would be a boy. We did. That was 14 months apart. That came out on jimmy kimmel back in march. And -- nice word. Favorite word. So we knew it would be a c-section and heard several weeks ago it would be scheduled around this weekend so finally it happened. The baby's name is ace knute. Ace knute. Knute. This is not -- consider myself corrected. It's not about knute rockne, also not a knute, the polar bear. No. Neither one of those. Eric's grandfather is -- swedish. Yes, his name was knute so named after him. Keeping in line with maxwell drew's families, names -- I don't know where ace comes from. I'll have to work on it. I think ace is a great name. It's a great name. Cool boy nickname. Yeah, come on in -- very busy family unit. We were saying they're not married yet. Any details on that? They had planned on getting married after the first baby was born but babies keep getting in the way. So -- they must be happy. They really are. I want to ask you about this, alec baldwin attacks a journalist who suggested that his wife had been tweeting during james gandolfini's funeral. He did so and used a gay slur in ing so on twitter. He has since walked his way back from it as has alec baldwin, however, this happened at the same exact time paula deen is seeing this happen to her. Do you see a double standard because hollywood has been noticeably silent. Sure, anybody would say it's a double standard but goes to the idea that what happened with paula deen, again, not forgiving her use of the language, may in some quarters seem as being kind of harsh. I think what makes this really terrible, it's about forgiveness or lack of forgiveness and a lot of people feel uncomfortable about meeting out some punishment whether alex baldwin or to her. I find this whole story fascinating, really, really uncomfortable. Yes, clearly there is a double standard but does that mean we're in the business of saying gay slur, 2013, you get "x." Slur, 19 -- I find the silence to be deafening. I think this is the key thing. He said explosive things on twitter and insults people. This is not out of the ordinary. We know this about him. I would love to see them come out, once you've been nailed for saying something inappropriate like that, I would love for you to come out and do a psa and teach people how it may be that it's around you all the time and you just say it out loud but it's not okay and it hurts people's feelings. People realize, none of this is okay, don't do it. Move forward. Don't do it. One last item again with larry. Your "pop news" is your like "heat index." That hot. But speaking to the hot, the heat, second in the box office, they really surprised a lot of people, strong second behind "monsters university." You have two popular stars and incredible formula in the buddy movie and know melissa McCARTHY IS FUNNY AND NO OTHER Audience for this movie. Not to take away from "white house down" but they went to it. A lot of anticipation. We heard this was very, very funny and it paid off. It is very funny. Can I just add one more plug, demian bichir, also in the film is here later in the program. He plays sandra bullock's boss and also an oscar nominee. Very funny. Yes. Larry, thanks so much. Good to see you.

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{"id":19542045,"title":"Baldwin's Tweets Draw Comparison to Deen Remarks","duration":"4:17","description":"People magazine's Larry Hackett discusses the media's reaction to both celebrities' comments.","url":"/GMA/video/alec-baldwin-tweet-called-homophobic-draws-comparisons-paula-19542045","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}