Alec Baldwin's Stalker Found Guilty

Genevieve Sabourin was sentenced to 210 days in jail and ordered to stay away from the actor.
4:08 | 11/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alec Baldwin's Stalker Found Guilty
Anti Hernandez in New York with his ABC news digital special report from love bird did Jill Barrett some might -- Alec Baldwin's -- on -- snapper and found guilty on all five counts of stalking and harassment. A New York judge today convicted -- -- 210. Days in jail. And ordered her to stay away from Baldwin community he's DC -- outside the courthouse and has more on the story Stacey. Well -- as -- submarine was uncharacteristically. Quiet when the judge in this case was reading. His decision to keep in mind this is a woman who was prone to outbursts in the court judge actually found her in contempt of court and had sentenced her to thirty days in jail for that. Just yesterday as you can imagine people were awaiting her response -- was uncharacteristically. Quiet. Simply at the end telling him he was making a mistake that she is innocent -- that is all she had to say. But shortly after this was all over her defense attorney came out of court and here is what he had to say a short time ago. This is an emotional audio from severing the trial has been overwhelming say that in some personal life splashed across every news media outlet. Having to face mister Baldwin and ms. -- in court and deal with this. She's okay -- she understands the process and she's taken Nordegren assault this chapter of life is closed and -- move on to the next step. Now this -- variant showed up it in his severing showed up in the clothing she was wearing yesterday she had spent the night in jail last night she was visibly upset at. Times -- and on crying once -- is found guilty on all counts harassment stalking. Violating a court order of protection. And she was sentenced to a total of 210. Days in jail. The judge at one point in reading his decision saying that it was -- relentless and escalating campaign of threats that at a minimum. Annoyed and harassed mr. Baldwin and terrified. His wife. They -- with Alec Baldwin in court today and if so what was his reaction. Alec Baldwin was not in court today his wife Larry -- -- when not in court today the last time we've seen -- was the day before yesterday and of course. When Baldwin testified it was very dramatic testimony he was wiping tears from his eyes. He was sarcastic towards her and -- typically combative personality that many people around New York -- from Alec Baldwin when he's confronted with things. That's what we saw in and out of court it's really been a couple of days here of a circus. As we we have seen from just media chasing them in an out and Alec Baldwin's reaction and of course is that Marines reaction has been very dramatic as well Stacy. Sentenced to 200 intended essentially a seven month jail sentence she faced at a minimum three months if convicted on some of the charges that she have to serve. All of that time. Well we know that it was a 180 days on the latest criminal charges it was thirty days on the content and he put -- -- concurrent. Of course you can get some time off for good behavior that we we do believe she would serve at least two. Thirds of that sentence time. All right and that she certainly didn't help herself in court those outbursts. Perhaps -- to judge this was not a trial by jury and the judge had warned her repeatedly perhaps. Those outbursts and attributed to hurt and lack of credibility in the judge's eyes. Absolutely clearly throughout the trial she appeared to be a woman prone to unravel in the judge definitely pointed that out even her own defense attorney. Had to tell her to stop talking during the trial so of course this did not help her at. Right WBZ Stacey Sager outside the courthouse in New York City thank you so much for joining us. Again. -- and yet -- in the accused and now convicted stalker of Alec Baldwin has been sentenced to 210 days. In jail and of course get a complete recap right here. On For now time Hernandez in New York this is an ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":20890731,"title":"Alec Baldwin's Stalker Found Guilty","duration":"4:08","description":"Genevieve Sabourin was sentenced to 210 days in jail and ordered to stay away from the actor.","url":"/GMA/video/alec-baldwins-stalker-found-guilty-20890731","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}