ESPY Awards: Alex Rodriguez Issues an 'Apology' at the ESPY Awards

The Yankees slugger had some help from actor Ken Jeong.
4:37 | 07/15/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ESPY Awards: Alex Rodriguez Issues an 'Apology' at the ESPY Awards
Now that he's collected his 3000. Hit and 2000 RBI. Alex Rodriguez felt it was time to make history once again by delivering the public apology we've all been waiting for. Please join me in welcoming the very brave. Alex Rodriguez. Hi ladies and don't then I'm ten Jung the official spokesmen. For Iraq are you doing. Old though as you know mr. rod was away from the game of baseball last year. And he has returned to spring humbled and focused. So he's hired me to make this statement of apology on his behalf. I don't believe unity that stupid. You guy played finest college football espy's isn't stupid right arm. I'm. To my fans. Fans of based. Volvo and to fans of fair play everywhere. I'm sorry. I'm sorry ain't that John Snow died on the season finale a game at around. And I'm sorry I just spoil that for some of you. I'm sorry a for the water shortage in California. And the economic collapse in grace what baseball's Alex Rodriguez have to do with facts won't let them who wouldn't. I'm sorry ache. Port shacks icy hot commercial grid. I'm sorry eight. They canceled community brought it back on sigh okay they brought it back that he. Please you a lot of money about OPEC was I think Alex. Might have something a little more. Obvious to apologize for help you simple thing if any goes Wharton apologies you're expecting but. We stand warned not he's done caring all of the deal punish soldiers. I'm sorry eight card carrying all of this guilt on my shoulder. I'm sorry 84 gluten. I invented it. I'm sorry. You can't run nearest swimming pool. I'd Alex Rodriguez. Slipped and fell once and now it's a rule everywhere. I also apologize to next season ticket holders mix individual game ticket holders and people who watched that knicks. On Cinemax that is literally my picture don't care for the mind. I apologize for my inability to grow body hair many ties. And I'm sorry aid for having to blog doctor Chan a new show premiering October 2 right here on Eddie's a vote next felt Alex. Is apologizing. For plugging your new show starting October 2 on this network. System an abrupt that this man is going to settle up with America put dare you question his motives. I hate you man. I'll keep going. I'm sorry but that it. Now don't we don't have time for this Alex knows what we're waiting to hear stop holding up the show. LeBron wants to see if he's losing an award to a horse tonight. And I'm sorry. Dessert the big apology is that coming now. To anyone who has watched that hang up error. I'm sorry you had to see ten John's penis. And it's. Tiny. It's. Grossly ms. shaped pen. It's unpatriotic. Thank you finally. Baseball can now begin the healing process anything else they rod. Not good. Thank Alex Rodriguez every one. And watch the.

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{"id":32481112,"title":"ESPY Awards: Alex Rodriguez Issues an 'Apology' at the ESPY Awards","duration":"4:37","description":"The Yankees slugger had some help from actor Ken Jeong.","url":"/GMA/video/alex-rodriguez-issues-apology-espy-awards-32481112","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}