A-Rod Wants to 'Focus on Baseball' With Suspension Looming

New York Yankee played his first game in 2013 after being dealt a 211-game suspension.
4:19 | 08/06/13

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Transcript for A-Rod Wants to 'Focus on Baseball' With Suspension Looming
Now, for the latest on the mass drug suspensions rocking major league baseball. We showed you the dramatic moment when alex rodriguez, stepped up with a bat. Out to it in chicago. He is viewing the fight his ban. Alex perez is in the chicago. And was at the game last night. It was quite a scene there, alex. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning, robin. A-rod will be back here today for game two of that three-game series. But his big return from hip surgery was completely eclipsed by his suspension. Alex rodriguez. Reporter: Booed by angry fans, a-rod step to the plate underneath in chicago, under a cloud of suspicion. And with a 211-game suspension, hanging over his head. The highest-paid player in basketball struggled. In the locker room, attempting to deflect questions about the controversy. It's a hard day today. I moving on. I want to focus on baseball. Reporter: After days of speculation, the three-time mvp was suspended by the league. Benched through the end of the 2014 season. A potentially career-ends punishment, which came after allegations he used performance-enhancing drugs. And then, lied to baseball during the investigation. The last seven months has been a nightmare. Reporter:12 other players who accepted drug-related suspensions, now forced to sit out 50 games apiece. And rodriguez says he will appeal the suspension, although he wouldn't explain why. Why don't you just say it? There will be time to do all of that. Reporter: Until an arbitrator is obtained, he can play the games. Now, crowds are clamoring for a piece of a-rod. Why was it important for you to get that ball? So I have it. And I'll save it for the rest of my life. Reporter: There's a chance the arbitrator may not rule on this appeal until november. That means a-rod could still play the rest of the season. Josh? It means we have a lot of time to discuss this. For that, we welcome jeremy schapp. Today will be a tremendous step in the right direction for the game we love. It's as real a day as we have seen in baseball. Long gore yo sums it up nicely. You have 13 dies who have been sus spended for cheating, plus, ryan braun, a couple weeks ago. But it's a historic day. And it's a good day for commissioner budd selig, who made this his mission, to rid the game of steroids. Regot on religion on this late. He was able to suspend players without positive tests. That's the first time that's happened. This is a big step. We saw alex step to the mic before his season debut. But would not answer direct questions on whether he used performance-enlansing drugs. That's alex. He has had a problem communicating directly with the fans. People have come to view him as inauthentic. And yesterday, as he's appealing the 211-game suspension, spoke volu volumes. How concerned is alex rodriguez about hiss legacy? His legacy is shot. It seems clear that the evidence is overwhelming. The best he can hope for is get reduced on procedural grounds, not on the evidence. He has tens of hl millions of to protect. Thank you. We're going to turn to amy robach with the other developing

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{"id":19879524,"title":"A-Rod Wants to 'Focus on Baseball' With Suspension Looming","duration":"4:19","description":"New York Yankee played his first game in 2013 after being dealt a 211-game suspension.","url":"/GMA/video/alex-rodriguez-suspension-alleged-biogenesis-involvement-rod-focus-19879524","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}