Ali Vincent Shares Inspiring Weight-Loss Story

Once 234 pounds, Ali Vincent now helps others lose weight with new show.
2:04 | 11/25/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ali Vincent Shares Inspiring Weight-Loss Story
-- you've enjoyed -- to Turkey in the stuffing on Thanksgiving our next guest will help motivate you to drop at Thanksgiving pounds. -- Vincent once tipped the scales at 234. Pounds. Before getting fixed and losing almost half of her body weight a remarkable story and now she's helping -- transform their lives. As the host of live big without even since. It's on the live well network and -- talk with her just a moment but first. A look back -- alleys weight loss journey. I don't know that I can see this have a home. Believe it's the act is now -- -- -- personal motto instilled in her during her journey to victory on the baby's. -- -- She -- -- 120 pounds off of her five foot five inch 234. Pound frame. Her new show live big -- -- -- it's all about helping others were struggling. With the same weight issues that they get their act. The first -- stop he. Start moving. -- was a competitive athlete before gaining five pounds a year over thirteen years. So she takes a hands on approach and not just got the jazz. But also at home by teaching people how to change the way they eat -- -- -- makes they had. Getting them involved in new activities and learning how to overcome psychological obstacles and troops is like -- Cooper who. But how to avoid the age old problem of putting the weight back on how he has a bold and no excuses mandate. Exercise anywhere anytime that can't let other -- -- from lunges at the grocery store to squat to Costco. Or even wall sits at a car dealership. You can burn twenty calories without batting not. How he's gold inspired the body and the -- -- -- -- Innocent --

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{"id":15027865,"title":"Ali Vincent Shares Inspiring Weight-Loss Story","duration":"2:04","description":"Once 234 pounds, Ali Vincent now helps others lose weight with new show.","url":"/GMA/video/ali-vincent-shares-inspiring-weight-loss-story-15027865","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}