Ali Wentworth on George, New Book, Twitter

Actress, wife to George Stephanopoulos, discusses her humorous book.
3:00 | 02/07/12

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Transcript for Ali Wentworth on George, New Book, Twitter
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- actress and now off there. Is always hilarious George knows -- little too well. Her new book Alley in wonderland and all other tall tales in the funny honest and personal. Romantic comedy there -- say. -- -- I thought I thought I would -- -- -- your good friend says right here in the cover everything that comes out of alleys now. Is funny is not a great quote it has -- -- so accurate but Paris cupcakes. Here's a thing this is for the crew because I -- push books today so if you -- keeper at the camera guys you buy it up. You get a -- -- -- -- try -- in the -- didn't you I did it went over really well. I think there was -- something that. That -- present again. You know you gotta do what you gotta do. Okay what will. Just have a live let's let's never -- But I have to say and an -- reading this book I wanted to ask you this. George plays a critical vote for the best that break down -- ways and yet that's a fair statement you -- so on -- -- say when you said honey I'm gonna write a book. He's at -- children's. -- He's always incredibly good morning and. And you know it it he read the first Galley who. And which was great because he knows how to protect me and you'll look for things that I wouldn't necessarily look for. But he did start with he'd read that but we sat down I said -- You know -- even -- air and I went. And it hasn't made us. My ear not exactly what they -- it's not who I looked up yeah. Found. And you know yeah that fantastic editor and I think you know he went he wanted to protect me from the -- that you would. Have -- change export friends' names. Never everything like that there are -- ex boyfriend -- in the book but a test drive the car before you why they. You know what you said about George most of which is beautiful use them when you met George it was like coming home it -- It was like I mean people I always say -- me. -- -- you know Georgia's hope. Smart and yeah. -- You know how did that work -- You know he -- by the way I'm a very serious person and -- very funny and it either works they -- -- -- yeah. It doesn't work and when -- -- down I had very very. Low expectations for our blind date. And it. I carried -- by soured and we and I'm telling you it was like a good -- you just now. -- You take the subway down at City Hall I would have thought that was being I'm -- -- Or ten years we have two -- I'm telling you my heart skips a beat when he walks in the door it'd be better than -- -- Please see the girls and it's really -- because I -- that you're showing the two beautiful little girls because. You have very strong women. In your family and you write about that your mother -- and don't let the name fool you wouldn't hear my -- -- -- well this a beautiful pictures in town and country. Of the two this year is I know and you really you really she isn't very important part in her life and you write about and -- well you know she was very nerve. That's -- wrote the -- I think she thought I would kind of patty Davis tell which was not my intention. And I said to her or George put it perfectly -- -- -- -- but the real love letter to your mother and it is I mean she is this you know great picture in my life. She's strong and warm and wonderful and everybody knows or even -- -- -- and she adores. -- and I even say the but if Georgia I'm about drowning at lake my mother would diving -- Bring back and it showed that would decide who to call to get me a pop up. Oh -- -- say it didn't -- she's she's you know she's my eight north stars and me and I mean. Distraught women at my family go from great grandmother -- and my grandmother made a boat -- -- -- and China and sailed across. That Ratzinger the young CC you know so -- if there's a gene in us and believe me -- you know you meet might not -- all you get it. The -- of academy at getting to meet them through this new show of years the daily -- I do think Daly shot -- -- from the kitchen table on the literally in our kitchen table New York because it had Georgia the very full life I take the girls to school and come back I do that -- there's yes. Well -- three plastic surgery group. You keep it real re gotta say that the very -- Very real fact somebody. On the Internet set -- -- -- -- you know it's one of those -- of Internet insanity written. If she lost the mom -- twenty pounds should be OK and I thought. All followed. But -- -- side is done from my kitchen and done it works -- for a live news I can still get. Could have bought its decrepit on the table I think -- that. His greatest job ever. Everything went -- sort of they have a do you hang out during this interview I smiled at. What you know and -- at your tweet helped -- win an award we had a -- their fiftieth anniversary party and agency. Always helping when it sold there was an award don't haven't that was a big trophies that back -- -- again. Okay. Like the tweet you had yesterday hey honey that -- is bright and that's what the mild ones that we can share well it was it popped out of -- -- smacked across the exact time. This is -- have everyone everything in my power -- you know while delivering. I don't write this I wanted to write this book because. It's -- kind of percolating in my mind -- that my mother would say kind of very. Funny. She -- he's kind of funny jabs every time I needed advice you know I thought I sort of collected them in my head. And I that we -- -- the book to kind of tells these absurd stories that really happened to me and then -- it with my mother. You know giving me her advice -- -- just having had a baby two hours later I still can't stand up straight from. Vaginal birth and I exhausted and sweaty and my mother says it would -- it I don't know what -- before -- -- -- but I. -- -- A lot of the a lot of about a daughter the second had gone -- we get it sounded at the stream of consciousness he. Is a joy to work with -- and it -- -- Part because of how happy he is with you -- -- kind of thing you can. But lets you have -- and it looks. -- Good Morning America dot -- on Yahoo!.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Actress, wife to George Stephanopoulos, discusses her humorous book.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15529005","title":"Ali Wentworth on George, New Book, Twitter","url":"/GMA/video/ali-wentworth-george-book-twitter-15529005"}