Alicia Keys Takes Broadway: Producing Debut

Singer discusses experience producing her new Broadway show, "Stick Fly."
5:31 | 12/13/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alicia Keys Takes Broadway: Producing Debut
When Alicia Keys was a little girl she could see the glittering lights of Broadway from her home -- little girl with -- dream. She took a more ice storm what they're singing talent as it now. Now she's setting out to conquer her old neighborhood -- the whole new way behind the scenes of a new production I spoke with a Lisa. And the bad -- cast of the new play stick fly. For -- Lisa -- Grammy winner director. Philanthropist. Wife and modern. There is always another high -- and. This time it's on the great white way as a producer -- -- new Broadway play stick fly. Written by -- diamond and directed by Kenny -- And here we are broadly. Yeah -- right you have some very happy and very much at home. At past Broadway. My whole life you know it was one of the things that was special about what my mother and I we wouldn't do together. And she exposed me to this world a beautiful art form when you really have to engaged audience so creatively I think it really really affected me. Now what's a producer of stick fly a leisure hopes to expose a broader audience to theater paying it forward. And you ever see yourself not there -- -- stage I don't follow I think the right thing the right moment. You know absolutely if someone says -- decline. About cutting response to the story with. And Marines particularly -- the -- family at their home in Martha's vineyards so there -- a wealthy black family. And you see how would their life is and what you discover is their life is just like -- and it's just -- My life and it doesn't matter where you grew up or what color you was still have a family. And their secrets unravel. And how they feel it. Under a microscope yeah they. The actors who bring these characters alike are veteran -- lesbians Rubin sent Iago Hudson. Do -- hill. Traci Toms and Rosie Benton and making their Broadway debuts are -- rough shot buried and the key fight -- what is it about. Being -- a plane. This is my dream to be on Broadway in this this time in this moment people here want to you do -- thing immediately. And it's it's said like a drunk. Bruins gonna come with their own narrative and everyone's gonna comment C at three different lens earlier I played man as two million UN and that's what -- -- by messed with the audience participation is all about his people -- moved in the. -- -- -- -- Expressed his hopes. This will be difficult. Oh -- getting telephone and electric stuff you know -- it's like going to church is so that's the first night many people you have seen this so how do you bring it. How do you bring it each and every night. There's so much in it that every single night you do learn some I mean there are nights from -- I just had some good James Taylor definitely yeah. -- -- -- shots talented mother is actor of the leash overshot. I grew up not only wanting to. Be an actor for -- the performance aspect that I grew up behind the scenes I watched. My mother take a character from -- page and build it what are you pull from my life. I have to bring my whole life to any character conflict -- and eventually ended this individual if anybody no relation is producing when I agree to do what's hurt. I mean come okay and well we -- may not be acting in the play -- stage presence can be heard. She wrote the musical transitions between scenes. That quintessential Alicia -- -- Even inspiring the cast to write. So you know. -- -- music -- in between the scenes and you know so each one has a different emotion in the goal of the different parts of the police that came one day and afterwards. They started telling me wait see or hear the songs that we wrote the city avenue -- -- -- at bay have written. Players did this little little loads a little bit yeah. Is you can't talk. Already -- lean mean nothing but -- Apparently he's. -- -- Yeah. And a call it singing has you wondering if a leash as back in the recording studio. Wonder no more because you're. And Twitter. That you have something in the works a new album perhaps have been telling him he's asking how come away and we -- issue and I and I like thank you so much. But it and they you deserve by the best and I want to give you the vessel in here this music year. You've blown away like -- failed so fast and they like at the halfway point then yeah I think we got a couple -- -- and we're ready to fly. There is a piece about you. Typical that is -- And saying each. To grow and do new things every day -- -- it absolutely blank and millions from percent. And not experiencing that consume that it it makes me really happy. She's in such a good place about everything that's going on. In her life personally and professionally and you can see stick -- on Broadway right now the cast is fabulous magic.

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{"id":15144443,"title":"Alicia Keys Takes Broadway: Producing Debut","duration":"5:31","description":"Singer discusses experience producing her new Broadway show, \"Stick Fly.\"","url":"/GMA/video/alicia-keyes-takes-broadway-producing-debut-stick-fly-15144443","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}