New Allegations Emerge in Olympic Doping Scandal

The FBI and the U.S. Justice Department are now looking into allegations of state-sponsored doping of Russian athletes.
1:48 | 05/18/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Allegations Emerge in Olympic Doping Scandal
We move on to a new bombshell in the olympic doping scandal. More allegations involving more athletes ahead of this summer's games in Rio. ABC's Matt Gutman here with the latest. Good morning, Matt. Reporter: Good morning, George. Until now most of that scrutiny was focused on doping Russian athletes but now the justice department is investigating not just athletes but possibly Russian government officials anti-doping authorities or anyone who may have benefited from a doping scheme that seems to go back a decade and that is the doping scandal widens engulfing a dozen new countries. ♪ overnight, another potential black eye for the olympics, the ioc announcing that after retesting hundreds of samples from the 2008 beijing games, 312 athletes representing 12 countries in 6 different sports turned up positive for banned substances. Officials have not releaseded the names of these athletes but say their investigation was focused on those who might potentially compete at the olympic games in Rio this summer. Those athletes now facing a ban instead. The credibility of the anti-doping infrastructure is under unprecedented pressure right now. Reporter: The ioc keeps samples for ten years to allow for retesting with updated analysis technology. Officials hope these latest efforts succeed in keeping the games clean. But many observers say it could be too little too late. It's not the administrators. It's not the responsible are sos. Without the athletes there's no olympics. If they don't buy into the system, you can pull a tarp over it. Reporter: Guy, this is not even close to being over. The crackdown continues with the ioc saying it's retesting 250 samples from the 2012 games in London. Cheating athletes might find themselves not only locked out of the games in I are Joe but stripped of their medals. So much more to learn. Matt, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"1:48","description":"The FBI and the U.S. Justice Department are now looking into allegations of state-sponsored doping of Russian athletes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39189488","title":"New Allegations Emerge in Olympic Doping Scandal","url":"/GMA/video/allegations-emerge-olympic-doping-scandal-39189488"}