Alleged 'Honeymoon Killer's' U.S. Trial Begins

Prosecutor says Gabe Watson planned to drown his wife while still in the U.S.
3:50 | 02/15/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alleged 'Honeymoon Killer's' U.S. Trial Begins
Prosecutors say gave Watson drowned his wife during an Australian scuba diving excursions 120 acre Elizabeth Vargas is back. Really some dramatic stuff -- some very dramatic step -- in their opening arguments yesterday Robin both the prop. Situation and the defense lawyers painted two very starkly different pictures of the defendant -- Watson. Was he a newlywed who panicked and failed to save his drowning bride. Or was he a calculated killer. With his new wife by his side gave Watson the alleged honeymoon killer arrived for the first day of his murder trial. He listened intently as prosecutors accused him of killing his wife of eleven days while scuba diving in Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Tina's family has waited nearly ten years for their day in court I'm not consistent. I'm here to -- just. It -- this picture of Tina Watson's lifeless body on the ocean floor that prosecutors showed the jurors first. TU plus floating. Home alone and her regular. -- national. They claim Watson turned off the air in her tank while they were under water. As proof they -- Watson's story of what happened on the ill fated -- changed over several police interrogations. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- anger over some people were. I remembered shelves and regulators haven't seen -- -- the fact he's changing his story. Wall. To -- overall growth Cameron Casey. Prosecutors say Watson killed his right to collect on her life insurance they also alleged -- even -- to take -- -- engagement ring from the funeral home. These days. It is misery. Just last. Then defense lawyers -- -- -- turn should they argued Tina's death was not a scheme to make money. Teen is beneficiary was her father taught her husband he won't hear. A horrible story terrible tragedy. Defense lawyers argued the death was the result of a novice diver who panicked on her first died in the ocean. Did he -- occasionally -- our. And you're not going to yeah. The honeymoon -- was 100 feet underwater exploring a century old shipwreck. Australian journalist and experienced diver Peter Patrick says it was not only deep. But because of very strong currents very difficult she should -- daunting invective -- borda. For a -- stationed -- for the very first time defense lawyers told jurors the dive organizers violated their own policy. By allowing a novice diver to go into the water without a -- -- Defense lawyers also -- -- had twenty pounds on her weight belt far too much for a woman her slice. Incorporated but to me on. Because she didn't she didn't readily -- in the first they went down so -- overrated herself. Having too much weight on your weight -- would have cost -- to sink rapidly as she got deeper into the water an experienced diver would know what to do to counteract that that -- was a novice -- this was her first scuba dive. Both Tina and gates families were in court for opening arguments yesterday and -- at times very emotional. Watson has already spent eighteen months in an Australian prison after pleading guilty to negligent manslaughter but Robin. That will not be a factor in this trial the jurors will not be told that we -- told all right Elizabeth thank you were.

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{"id":15626645,"title":"Alleged 'Honeymoon Killer's' U.S. Trial Begins","duration":"3:50","description":"Prosecutor says Gabe Watson planned to drown his wife while still in the U.S.","url":"/GMA/video/alleged-honeymoon-killer-gabe-watsons-us-trial-begins-15626645","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}