Alleged kidnapper of college student due in court

Brendt Christensen, 28, is charged with kidnapping University of Illinois college student Yingying Zhang, 26, who had recently moved to the United States.
3:46 | 07/03/17

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Transcript for Alleged kidnapper of college student due in court
We begin this half hour with the disappearance of that young scholar studying at the University of Illinois. A former student from that scene university is now in custody. And due in court today in ABC's Alex presence in Chicago with all of the latest on that good morning Alex. Hey good morning AB investigators say it was a forensic search of the suspect's cellphone that helped them crack this case. This morning Brent Christiansen a former University of Illinois grad student set to appear in federal court. Charged with the kidnapping of 26 year old union saying a visiting scholar from China. This surveillance video from June 9 capturing the last time saying was seen alive. Apparently getting into Christians his car whom she did not know investigators believe she accepted the ride. Because she was running late for an appointment and had just missed the city bus. According to a criminal complaints after first saying he did not recall his whereabouts on the days saying disappeared. The FBI says Christians and later told them he offered her a ride but let her out after she became panicked. When he said he made a wrong turn. Everybody stunned. Gotten many many emails from graduate students and faculty. Expressing disbelief and it surprised it. Law enforcement say after searching Christian since phone they discovered he had recently visited a web forum called abduction when no one. Containing the sub threads of perfect abduction fantasy. And planning a kidnapping the FBI then allegedly capturing him an audio surveillance explaining how he kidnapped saying. Brought her back to his apartment and otherwise held her against her well. Means I have been means they may have and devastated. Investigators have not yet found the graduate student's body her family and friends distraught. Very devastating just because. Real one was really trying to spread awareness of what had abandoned on trying to get her found. And the local newspaper is reporting this suspect even attended a vigil for sang after she was reported missing. Investigators are now following up on this case and they are trying to get whatever information. Possible rinse in the back to you Amy. Aren't incredibly disturbing and so sad Alex thank you let's bring in former FBI special agent and ABC news consultant Brad care for more on this and Brett we just heard. Alex reporting there that there are reports the suspect. May have attended a vigil for the victim how unusual is that not unusual all in me and that. Suspects attend funerals they actually go on searches of people they have killed. And so the idea that he would give those to a week memorial gathering of hers. Is this does not suppress it. And Brad not surprising it I mean police moved very quickly in this they were able to get their suspects. Extremely quick. Looking because he was drive any car that's as a low volume type car in his particular community. The yet dignified the car went to him he actually gave them consent to search ended a voluntary interview initially. And then they captured this video that Alex talked about where he'd apparently admitted abducting her so the real key is wary she. And hopefully there on the trail to find inner yes certainly the Stanley hoping for that answer indeed a lot of evidence as you mentioned a surveillance video but also this audio. That describes him holding her against. Her well. And think about the web sites that he was going to meet me about fan it's Finnessey abductions. Kidnappings. This kid must've been into some real bizarre fetish stuff he would assume based on the website he went to. So who knows where this is really going to lead as far as what was his real motivation. McKenna and incredibly disturbing story we hope profoundly gets the answers that they need to know at this point in time bright Garrett thanks much for joining us.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"Brendt Christensen, 28, is charged with kidnapping University of Illinois college student Yingying Zhang, 26, who had recently moved to the United States.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"48412070","title":"Alleged kidnapper of college student due in court","url":"/GMA/video/alleged-kidnapper-college-student-due-court-48412070"}