Alleged Manhattan Madam: The Prosecution's Case

Dan Abrams discusses the New York woman accused of running a brothel.
2:05 | 03/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alleged Manhattan Madam: The Prosecution's Case
It's gonna bring in the -- legal analyst Dan Abrams here's -- five years for this investigation hundreds of videotapes -- kind of things. How strong the case -- they have if they've got all this audiotape and videotape it's going to be a very strong case and you hear her lawyer saying if they're saying a lot of things about her which aren't true. And that he focuses on how much money she has as to as opposed to the actual allegations here. She's being charged with promoting prostitution. That's the claim here that's what they're gonna have to be defending against let's remember. It promoting prostitution in New York State. The type of crime specifically she's charged with. He's a class. Not to suggest that it's not significant -- important but each is shows you that this kind of bail. Two million dollars bond. He's a lot for a case like this and again it's a case that they spent. Five years on and every once in -- while they have to make a high profile prostitution runs and -- seriously just to make sure that people know. It's still illegal sure they're still gonna go after people -- -- -- after the clients they could and misdemeanors Tom but I think those who were saying oh they're really try to just get access to her black book what's taking charge a bunch of people would misdemeanors. That that's not what the goal here is -- I think they're going to be looking at the money trail. That's going to be very important see if there's any tax evasion and see if there's any other crimes that could be charged and I don't say they won't charge to quote unquote -- They might and there's been a big push. In the last ten years to. Make sure that it's not just the prostitutes who are sometimes charged but it's the Johns remember in this case she's not just being charged with prostitution. The reason this is a felony and all -- because she owned the business and because she was running the business and those the people that they really tend to target exactly and we'll have her back in court in -- and we'll see if they're going to be more -- yeah -- I think -- he's probably gonna get out for the enemy can't I don't think -- on bond programs. All right and thanks very much.

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{"id":15875355,"title":"Alleged Manhattan Madam: The Prosecution's Case","duration":"2:05","description":"Dan Abrams discusses the New York woman accused of running a brothel.","url":"/GMA/video/alleged-manhattan-madam-prosecutions-case-15875355","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}