Alleged NYC Madam: Details on Business Partners

A New York mother is accused of running a brothel.
2:29 | 03/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alleged NYC Madam: Details on Business Partners
Let's get right to the soccer mom -- that suburban mother of -- charged with running a high class prostitution ring in Manhattan. Now new details emerging about her alleged business partners and how she managed to rake in millions ABC's arena nine in -- -- got much more in this morning lot of details yeah. Ana Cristina is being held on two 1000000 dollars bail this morning she allegedly bilked an illicit empire. Worth millions over fifteen years investigators want to know just how far her alleged web of prostitution breaches. This morning blockbuster new revelations from one of the prostitutes who say she earned up to 101000. Dollars a night. Living it up on lavish international trips -- Jackson. Had no limit shopping sprees at that madam and -- Dino was very selective but also generous with her girls. Investigators have reportedly killing three people -- -- upper east side brothel. Cristina's possible accomplice Jamie baker who's named as a co defendant -- allegedly helped book high end clients she's now on the run. The alleged money -- Morgan Stanley banker David Walker. Prosecutors are poring over his business transactions. And -- possible inside man NYPD sergeant Richard wall. Internal affairs is reportedly investigating what he may have known about cristina's business now behind bars at Rikers Island. Christina appears to have fallen from the seemingly idyllic suburban life she led with her husband Calvin gore. She was known in her upstate new York community as an animal rescue work and devoted mom -- there. She's a soccer mom and -- -- is. Her husband was spotted on Wednesday leaving the home where Christina allegedly ran her sex empire. New. All cash transactions that there were no Paper trails a sliding scale ranging from 1000 dollars an hour to 25000. For a weekend. And carefully selected girls were strictly banned from drinking and doing drugs. Still cristina's defenders say she is not the person prosecutors are making her out to be. Many -- -- things that they've been alleged are not true. Especially if -- -- chance ten million dollars offshore. -- ten million -- should be out on bail right now. If Christina has a little black book it would offer. Huge leads into this investigation but her attorney denies that one even exist Robin Reena thank you.

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{"id":15875300,"title":"Alleged NYC Madam: Details on Business Partners","duration":"2:29","description":"A New York mother is accused of running a brothel.","url":"/GMA/video/alleged-nyc-madam-details-business-partners-15875300","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}