Alleged terrorist plot in Australia disrupted

Police said they disrupted a terrorist plot to bring down an airplane and arrested four men on Saturday in raids in Sydney suburbs.
2:32 | 07/30/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alleged terrorist plot in Australia disrupted
But we do have breaking terror news out of Australia where police have thwarted. Fox. Officials are saying the plan was to bring down an airplane ABC's Gloria Riviera is in Washington in the latest good morning Gloria. Good morning John good morning Paulette certainly airline security operators around the world are taking. Noted this most recent concerning event in Australia in fact it's the second time. Australian authorities have been on alert earlier this summer in Melbourne one man was killed and three officers wounded. In an attack bassist took responsibility full work this most recent scare could have been much worse. There has the united my age joint counterterrorism operation. To disrupt any terrorist plot. To bring down an airplane and Australian terrorist attack thwarted overnight raising concerns worldwide about airline security. We do believe it is is clintons Floyd Allen. Terrorism source suburbs across capitol city Sydney raided Saturday evening by heavily armed police. Four men are now under arrest Australian police officials believe the foiled plot involved an improvised device the first thing that the Australian security forces are concerned about is. Did we get everybody. Is it just these four or their other individuals who were involved. They find information about their scope and scale of this network. When it part of a broader plot or group like al-Qaeda or crisis this morning it's Sydney's airport authorities beefing up security with added law enforcement problems should be. Prepared for additional scrutiny concerns about bombs on airplanes growing. A laptop bomb blamed for an explosion on a Somali flight in 2016. The TSA announcing just this week new screening procedures for carry on electronics. Larger than a cell phone across ten airports in the US this following an electronics van earlier this year on some international flights coming into the US. The investigation in Australia far from over. There also going to be working with countries like the United States and you can bet that tonight. Intelligence officials through tomorrow and through that the fond couple days are going to be looking through databases and sharing information. To identify terrorists and other national security threats before they board airplanes bound for the US the Department of Homeland Security is working on expanding its pre clearance program that's really interview passengers at international airports. Before they board. It's in place at at least fifteen airports around the world but they like to see it at many more John Paul. Thank you Gloria.

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{"duration":"2:32","description":"Police said they disrupted a terrorist plot to bring down an airplane and arrested four men on Saturday in raids in Sydney suburbs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"48932914","title":"Alleged terrorist plot in Australia disrupted","url":"/GMA/video/alleged-terrorist-plot-australia-disrupted-48932914"}