Allergy Season is Just Around the Corner

Mild temperatures means and extra early and brutal allergy season.
0:54 | 03/10/12

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Transcript for Allergy Season is Just Around the Corner
You know we've been loving this and usually warm winter we've had but -- yielding to what could be the spring of our discontent. The high temperatures could fuel severe spring storm similar to those terrible tornadoes we saw just last week. And unfortunately will mean more misery for millions of allergy sufferers our meteorologist ginger zee. -- here with the details gender I'm one of those allergy suffers please tell me as I can't be that -- I am still and it looks like it will be while seasonal forecasting is far from perfect beyond -- we use ocean currents in the Pacific to forecast beyond your typical Sunday. Police currents drive our weather trends and this spring will drive us at least some of us into the warmest and wettest weather in almost a decade. Which can also lead to -- of this easiest and most and -- spring -- in -- -- Deadly tornadoes. I think allergies. And -- hand where -- Some of the movie about the end of the world one -- -- went well okay. That dramatic. -- what's behind the relative chaos ahead. It all comes down to heat and moisture after the fourth warmest winter on record the warmest spring since 2004. Is now -- -- doorstep. More -- equals more horrific storms last week's tornadoes may be just the beginning. Spring 2012 is forecasted to be more active than normal. Especially in this zone -- in a warm Gulf of Mexico which is all ready 122 degrees above normal. And you have a recipe for a dangerous -- then there's this mild temperatures means an -- -- early and extra brutal allergy season. Allergy season is coming earlier because the trees are -- -- Sooner in -- season in fact last winter -- concentration counts we're in the single. There is high as 250. Allergy sufferers are -- to expect having symptoms. Much earlier than they normally do and the symptoms may be even more severe. And then the bugs those biting teaching bugs were killed off this winter because it's still warm so expect more of them. A lot more. If we're seeing. Higher bug count and we're seeing higher mosquito counts -- have more mosquito bites potentially and higher breeding and potentially higher rates of germs like West Nile Virus.

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{"id":15892573,"title":"Allergy Season is Just Around the Corner","duration":"0:54","description":"Mild temperatures means and extra early and brutal allergy season. ","url":"/GMA/video/allergy-season-corner-15892573","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}