Alligator Trainer Has Frightening Struggle With Dangerous Beast

An Ohio man nearly lost his arm when he was attacked by his alligator.
3:00 | 08/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alligator Trainer Has Frightening Struggle With Dangerous Beast
Man vs -- the struggle that almost lost an alligator trainer his arm into John -- and is here with the frightening details that morning John. Good morning -- -- a performer steps inside occasional live -- they know. Anything can happen but the traveling group could Chung and the alligator show says it's been performing this act for close to three decades without any serious injuries. Well that was until the other day and when you see this video. -- understand why one of their trainers is lucky just to be alive. If you can't. Everything was going according to plan Essex County fair in Ohio on Thursday. Alligator trainer Daniel back was attempting to show the audience how quickly -- -- react once they did something inside their open jaws. With cat like reflexes Dan pulls his hand away. Just before the Gator chump -- This is live -- this is real alligator it's no second chances. Well when he increases the level of difficulty trying to subdue the powerful reptiles cellphone video captures how big -- -- horribly wrong. My arm was. A little higher than -- -- have men and and ended up in the wrong place it's like just putting your your hand and a vice. And cranking it down his -- Asian gig and then doing six more cranks it's that much pressure. -- of birth and his drop by and rushes into keeping -- from flipping over. What's called a death roll my to save his partners -- -- must try the gators locked -- court. After 41 agonizing seconds the Gator finally let's go. There's no nerve damage there was no muscle damage. Everything's working and then just got to. Did you -- -- the show is supposed to go. And wowing the crowds without thinking you're getting -- -- -- -- while he heals Dan will be hosting from outside the Gator it. Letting a fellow trader with his neck on the line I don't blame the alligator -- from your mistakes it wasn't his fault. And believe it or not Dan says he had so much adrenaline running he didn't feel the alligator biting him and only realize later at the hospital that his skin had been pulled off the muscle -- the good news. Is that doctors say he'll be able to get back in the ring in about six to eight weeks with. The enemy yet I'm sure your wondered if -- as anyone in his life questioning why he does this for is living -- his girlfriend actually works for the show. So -- on board. And Carolina the alligators are questioning why he doesn't really exactly is asking for -- have a problem all right -- -- -- --

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{"id":16988595,"title":"Alligator Trainer Has Frightening Struggle With Dangerous Beast","duration":"3:00","description":"An Ohio man nearly lost his arm when he was attacked by his alligator.","url":"/GMA/video/alligator-trainer-frightening-struggle-dangerous-beast-16988595","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}