Whitney Houston: Family in Shock

Allison Samuels talks to Robin Roberts about the superstar's death.
2:40 | 02/14/12

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Transcript for Whitney Houston: Family in Shock
Joining us now from Los Angeles says Allison Samuels a senior writer for Newsweek in the Daily Beast -- was at the Beverly -- When Whitney Houston died and I know Alison that you have interviewed her -- going to be for many times over the years and as -- said you were there at the hotel. When she died so much concern about her family right now I know -- talking to members close to the family what can you tell us. You know the family is still in a state of disbelief and then shocked. Not understanding how it happened but you know. Her mother meeting -- fifty who is so. Close to Whitney. Is devastated obviously but also. Functioning enough to make sure -- dead the funeral. -- last sort of performance in many ways is a fitting tribute to Hoover -- it was -- the kind of star that she was as she also wants to make sure that fans are able to sort of give dare. Sort of good -- to Whitney there's such anguish and -- -- to tell you about the death and how she died and I know you have information from. A former bodyguard when he had to tell you. I'm he does he is incredibly -- said he worked for Houston for -- the last eleven years. Stop working for about a year or two ago and he was distressed because he says when he worked for her they did not allow her to take -- they insisted she take showers. They didn't want her to -- in the bathroom for a long -- of time. He didn't understand how they can have allowed her to be in the bathroom four -- they would check on her every seven to ten minutes. -- -- the showers to make sure she got out at a certain time because this is what they feared something tragic -- happen in the bathroom issues away from everyone. She could fall asleep in the tub. He this is so many different things that they were concerned about why he while he worked for her. -- -- now she now had a lot of new people around her who didn't sort of follow that same protocol and that's why he was so devastated because. He felt like -- should have been in place and they had been in place in previous years. To sort of basically keep her together and keep her -- in America talk -- -- the former bodyguard a little bit later. In the morning you alluded to the funeral plans in the same soon. Would be a division in the family right now about how to go about doing it and and where to lay her arrest so what more can you tell us about that Allison. There's sort of this conflict and caught you know they've within the family -- they have they do they have added the performing are considered to -- have it at the Prudential Center did they have added new hope Baptist Church. Who's actually outperform the eulogy but ultimately says he will get her way -- that was her daughter. You know this is her chance to -- give her child. That you know the proper -- so in the end no one is doubting that says -- will sort of have the last word on this no doubt about that. Alison thank you very much as always for your perspective and insight on this appreciate it can take care.

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{"id":15580337,"title":"Whitney Houston: Family in Shock","duration":"2:40","description":"Allison Samuels talks to Robin Roberts about the superstar's death.","url":"/GMA/video/allison-samuels-whitney-houston-family-shock-15580337","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}